OHM Jupiter Jamboree Face Of Australia Day Lily Spread Your Wings Every Night Beneath You Lily Of The Valley-y

Spring is finally here and the OHM May release really reflects that! It’s my favourite time of the year and I love to wear bracelets to match!

This is May’s complete release.

Nature is bursting into bloom and so is OHM! I will be taking a closer look at these beads.

Starting with Day Lily! This open work bead is the next in the bloom series and has gorgeously detailed buds and flowers! The Day Lily stands for hope and faith.

The glass is called Every Night Beneath You! OHM makes stories to go with every bead, you can find them in my preview post! All I can do is stare at this beauty, the colour of the bead is wrapped around the core and the glass reflects it outwards around the barrel. Just stunning!

I love the new clasp! Lily Of The Valley-y it is called. The figure eight is not closed of at the ends so if needed you can carfully manipulate the clasp to fit. The details of the flowers, leaves, stems and buds are breathtaking.

Day Lily is awesome with the other blooms in the series! Here on the Skinny bracelet with Lotus, Day Lily, Rose and Poppy.

All the flower beads together on a bracelet. Tulip, Gouldian, Sunflower, Yellow Sunlight, Lotus, Foliage, Rose, Full Plexus, Lilac Dreams, Glass Of The Month 7, Iris, Yellow Sunlight, Cherry Blossoms, Gouldian, Poppy, Full Plexus and Day Lily.

This dangle is next in the Australia series and is Face Of Australia. It is Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. It is a sacred place to the Aboriginal people and a significant Australian landmark. The back of the bead has Aboriginal artwork found at Uluru.

I made a bangle that reflects the colourfull Aboriginal dotted artwork with Confetti Upchuck, Australian Dreamtime, Sucker and South Jetty.

OHM is releasing a planet from our solar system every month throughout this year and next is Jupiter Jamboree! I am totally in love with this series and they keep on getting better and better! I promised I would count the moons and I came to 51!

Every planet in this series has movement and the moons of Jupiter Jamboree do orbit around the core of the bead, a black planet that gives the bead so much depth and interest!

The Space collection so far on a bangle. With Dreamscape, Earth Eden, Universal Understanding, Mars Madhouse, Luna, Jupiter Jamboree, Luna 2.0, Venus Vibes, From The Depths, Mercury Muse and Stars Above.

Another Space bangle with the Space collection and Agro Studios Tiny Moon, Tedora, OHM The World, Dark Side, Luna, Black Sands, Trollbeads Big Earth, Meteorite, Luna 2.0, Ash Hole and Redbalifrog Luna Moon.

And this gorgeous butterfly with flowers on his wing is called Spread Your Wings. The bail is made out of leaves.

I made a huge statement bracelet with the Chunky Bracelet with Dragonfly-y clasp and Wings Of Protection 2.0, two Serendipity, Spread Your Wings and Wings of Liberation.

Spread Your Wings on my Butterflies & Bees bracelet.

The ultimate Spring bracelet: April showers bring May Flowers! With Lost In A Dream, Day Lily, See Forever, Flower Goddess, Imagine, Rainbow Rain and Stream.

What a beautiful release this May is! I feel the Spring in the air and on my wrist! Happy Spring everyone!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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