OHM May release preview

Today we see the preview of OHM’s May release and it’s fun! Release day is May 2!


A metaphor for rebirth, butterflies are wonderful creatures with amazing life cycles. Butterflies, magical and adored, are vast and varied in their appearance, and style. When you see a butterfly, you may want to ask yourself what changes you need to make to live more in happiness and joy.
Butterflies are a reminder of the splendid being and magic in all of life.


Lily of the Valley is known as the May Lily. It means “The Return of Happiness” and most often symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility. The Lily of the Valley became the symbolic flower of International Labor Day, also known as May Day. Workers wear Lily of the Valley on their chests on Labor Day. And because it is a flower of happiness, brides in Europe often use it in bridal bouquets on their wedding day.

LILY OF THE VALLEY-Y is approximately 2.5cm long. Use an OHM S Clasp bracelet to attach as clasp. View bracelets for size option/chain lengths.


Gifted when someone is having a difficult time, inspired to symbolize forgetfulness, loss of memory, or memory of loss, forgetting worries, and letting go. Day lilies stand for hope and faith. Yellow and orange are among the most common, representing energy, joy and power. Red for passion, love and romance. Or purple for elegance and wealth. Peach or white are the perfect for a touch of innocence. Great each day with the colors of the sky; it is time to overcome and move on.


According to indigenous cultural beliefs, Uluru was created at the very beginning of Dreamtime, the period in which the natural environment was shaped and life was formed, when both animals and humans were created. During this time significant landscapes formed by the ancestral spirits holding deep spiritual connection to and are deemed to be sacred. Uluru is one of these sacred landscapes.

As one of these landscapes, Uluru, the Aboriginal name for what had been known as Ayers Rock, is first and foremost a place name.

Uluru is a Yankunytjatjara word. Yankunytjatjara is the name of the Aboriginal people whose land Uluru is located. It does not have any specific meaning, although it may have some connection to the Yankunytjatjara words for ‘crying’ and ‘shadows’. Some refer to Uluru’s rock as the heart chakra of the world. The shape of the rock is very recognizable and deeply associated with the identity of Australia’s beautiful ancestral history.


Sizes range from 13cm to 20cm. Choose your size using the chart below (similar to other OHM S CLASP bracelet sizing).

Original OHM style of snake chain with an approximate thickness comparable to the OHM BANGLE series. Use an OHM -Y clasp, or open work bead to create your bracelet.

OHM PLAIN BRACELET will fit locks ending with -NESS. A general sizing rule is to subtract a few centimeters from your typical bracelet size when purchasing an OHM S CLASP bracelet, as the OHM -Y clasps are 2.5 to 3cm in length.

Take care when opening and closing the OHM S CLASP hooks. Load beads over the small OHM S CLASP hook, attach the clasp of your choice and secure the hook in place. Use the large OHM S CLASP hook to close and open your bracelet to the other end of the clasp.


The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is known as a planet of good fortune, abundance, knowledge, miracles, and blessings. Jupiter invites us to give in to hope, beliefs, laws of prosperity, philosophy, and personal growth.

In astrology, Jupiter is widely referred to as the Great Fortune and the planet of plenty, meaning it holds an abundance of gifts and is always prepared to bestow its generosity onto us. Astrologists refer to Jupiter’s energy as joyous and optimistic, tolerant and expansive.

Embody Jupiter to remain positive in difficult times and determine your personal moral code. Some key words to mediate on for this planet include honor, gratitude, and law. Jupiter is a planet of purpose, reach and possibility.


I look up at the stars above. A thought of you looking down on me comforts my soul. As I close my eyes I imagine flying up towards you through soft dreamy clouds. I cherish my memories of you. Remembering you is an honor and a pleasure I like to indulge in. Every night beneath you my life goes, as you live through me. Will we ever meet again?


Just like a plant that is loved and cared for, anyone surrounded by love can strive and blossom. Be yourself, and the rest will follow. When you are in between those who you love and who love you, anything is possible.


Watching the clouds float by lost in a dream of a bright future. Time flies faster than we can grasp its effects on our day-to-day existence. As clouds shift their peculiar shapes adapting to the windy conditions we humans adjust our dreamy goals from lost to found, in search of inner peace.


And that is it! What a beautiful and summer feel this release gives me! Now the sun can come out and celebrate!

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