Ohm beads Angels and Wings

For the Great Lakes Boutique event Beadbash on the lake Ohm beads made the special limited edition Ohm My God 3.0.

It is becoming an awesome tradition, now the third angel has arrived!

It’s a new design with wrapped around wings and it’s face visible looking to one side.

The first edition was made in 2015. Here with some of my favourite hearts, Love Hurts and Sacred Heart.

The 2.0 edition came last year. This was a variation on the first design. Awesome to do bangles with!

A bangle with two Love Hurts and Rainbowed.

I love stacks with bangles and leathers, here a bangle with Wings of Protection, Heart of Stone, Love Cage and two Hive Mind and a leather with Open Your Heart. The Ohm My God bangle with two Love Hurts.

And all three together on a bangle with two Confetti Upchuck.

I am now looking at other beads with wings, what do I have? First we already saw Wings of Protection, a gorgeous butterfly bead with it’s wings wrapped around a baby. Absolutely stunning.

The bangle I made for my son and only child, he left home earlier that year. With Love Cage this says that I had to let him go, but I will always protect him.

Another bead with wings, Butterflies! Big summer hit last year!

It is called Butterflies, because it has a different butterfly on each side!

I love it stacked with my OhmGnomes!

Here is a fun one, Time Flies! It has moving wings, so it sits perfectly with it’s adjoining beads.

With my Pandora watch on a Pandora double leather. (Oh, gosh, look at the time!)

This cute little one is Stupid Cupid, a special limited edition for Joseph Welch jewellers.

Perfect stacked with lots of hearts!

Here they all are on a full bracelet, a Bracelet of Wings.

I combined them with two Ohm Ice Lux, Lucky Moves and Dirty moves, two Pandora moonstone cabochons and two gold tipped flowers and two no brand pearls and white stones.

A beautiful and fun bracelet to put together and wear, perfect for a breezy summer day!

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