Ohm beads Chunky bracelet, Octopus-y & Who Ohm clasps

We have seen pictures all over social media of intriguing new bracelets by Ohm beads for some time and they are finally available for purchase!

The new Chunky bracelet is as the name suggests a thicker chain bracelet.

I have Chunky compared here with twisted bangle and snake chain bracelet. It clearly shows the thicker chain of Chunky.

Chunky bracelet is a new concept with individual locks. There are now four different locks to choose from: Ohm Who, Dragon-y, Chameleon-y and Octopus-y. Chunky has a hook on either side to attach the clasp on.

One hook is smaller, the beads slide over that side onto the bracelet. Then hook the clasp onto that hook. The bigger hook on the other side prevent the beads from falling off. Then wrap the bracelet around your wrist and close the bracelet. The older treaded beads do not fit on this bracelet.

Here is how to calculate the size Chunky bracelet you need.

The three animal locks are 2.5 cm and Ohm Who 3.4 cm.

I have been wearing Chunky with Octopus-y lock stacked with my bracelet of the sea. I got Chunky this size because I love the Octopus-y lock to stand out on it’s own.

I managed to squeeze a couple of beads on it, but closing the bracelet was a struggle! You might want an extra pair of hands! Here with Rebirth and Dreamtime.

So for when I want to wear beads on my Chunky bracelet I bought the Who Ohm clasp instead of a bigger bracelet! The 1 cm difference is perfect for putting on beads!

I really love the versatility of this new Chunky bracelet design and I hope there will be more clasps added in the future!

And remember the new clasps are also needed for the new Whip leather bracelet that is going to be released on November 29th.

And this is why this clasp is called Ohm Who!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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