OHM February preview

Already the second OHM release of the year! And it’s a fun one! Lots of beautiful glass! Release date is February 1st unless otherwise noted.

First up is the Bead of the Month February no. 45 Jingle Locks! A limited edition, only 777 are made. The bead has seven different locks, some old, some new. The bead comes with beautiful packaging and a numbered certificate.

This is No Evel Elephant, what a cute one!

Here comes the glass! First Sandbar.

And a gorgeous blue one named Current.

This is so spot on, Sashimi!

They look so awesome together!

I love this one, Peachy! Very unique design!

And the last glass in the regular collection is Mardi Grass. We have seen this one during the OHM10 celebrations! So happy it’s widely available now!

I am so excited to see these next three beads, three moon phases! And I think with me so many people!

First is Crescent Luna, the first moonfase after new moon!

Second is Quarter Luna, half a moon!

And the third phase Gibbous Luna! Combining two phases together gives you a full moon!

And now for the regional/retailer releases.

This is Pink Matter, exclusive for Great Lakes Boutique!

And Soi One, exclusive for OHM in Thailand.

On February 12th on OHM Together with OHM in Thailand launching OHMstalgia. A limited edition, only 429 are made. They come in multiple finishes.

There is also a retirement announcement. These desings are retired from February 1st. They can be found at retailers while stock lasts.

AAO002 Pisces
AAL03501 Melting Heart
AAL03502 (Melting Heart – Chocolate Tips)
AAX701 Sherlock
AAX702 Gnomeo
AAX703 Juliet

Here a quick reminder of the upcoming event on OHM Together with OHM in Australia on January 25th releasing the gorgeous Twelve Apostles!

So here they are, again another faboulous release! So much to look foreward too!

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