OHM Rawr Dragons glass

With the January release came a set of new glass a lot of collectors have been waiting for! The original Rawr set was retired a long time ago and hard to find now.

Sadly I do not have the original set, this is a picture from OHM.

The first bead is called Dragon Blood. It’s the lighter one of the set and has great texture!

The second bead is called Dragon Skin. The detail is awesome with little red pimples lining the surface!

The third bead is called Dragon Bone and is the darker one. Again great texture and detail!

A wonderful set!

On this bangle I combined them with the Australian exclusive glass Dreamtime, it matches so great! This is my Cruel and the Gang, for some reason I have collected villains with a weapon! I feel that the glass looks great with this rough gang! With Rita Mortis, Bunny Reaper, Metal Dude, Pumpkin Billy and his Body Slicer and dirty Paper Bag (polished).

With the Whip bracelet and OhmWho clasp I made a space combination with Astronargh, Luna and Ufo. The Rawr glass looks like space rocks!

This bangle is about rough love! I combined the Rawr glass with Dragon’s Breath! I love how this bead matches the Rawr glass, both in theme and in texture! And the red colour enhances the love theme! With Love Cage, Love Hurts 2.0, Heart of Stone, Rotten Heart and Love Hurts.

Hey, let’s go to the beach and build sandcastles! Chuncky bracelet with Octopus-y clasp and Pirate Ship, Mankini, Ohmnique, Baby Argh, Scuba, Reef Dust, Alaska King Crab and Mermaid.

I do not have any dragon or dinosaur beads but I think I managed to make some nice combinations using other themes. This shows that beads can be whatever you want them to be!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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