OHM Luna collection

I am so excited OHM made this Luna collection, I love space themed beads!

In 2016 OHM released Luna as Bead of the Month May. The bead came in two finishes in a blind bag. Because it was limited to 555 beads it became very sought after and called for a new version! Big Luna was released, but a bracelet size bead was wanted!

The Luna collection is made up of three beads, three different moon phases.

Phase one is Crescent Luna (left), only a small piece of the moon is lit by the sun. Phase two is Quarter Luna (middle), half the moon is lit by the sun. And the third phase is Gibbous Luna (right), a bigger part of the moon is lit by the sun. This is the case with both the waxing and waning moon.

I first made a bangle with the moon waning into the darkness of new moon. With Sunshine, Forsythia, Lemon Drop and Dark Soul.

A simple combination with True Beadz Amsterdam Midnight.

An all silver bangle, added some space vehicles! With Rocket, UFO, Space Shuttle and Cute UFO.

The Lunas with space glass, Dreamscape and Night Sky.

On the Whip leather bracelet with OHMWHO clasp. A variation on a combination I made before. With Astronargh, Dragon Skin, Dragon Bone, Dragon Blood and Ohmique.

I feel that this Luna collection is a great addition to the space themed beads and I will continue to have so much fun creating bracelets and bangles with them!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

2 thoughts on “OHM Luna collection

  1. Such an amazing little moon collection! The yellow beads really pop at that bracelet!!! The RAWR glass makes it look like moon landscapes!!!

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