OHM Jingle Locks

Bead of the Month February no. 45 is about love and Valentines Day!

Another gorgeous bead in the Jingle design!

OHM started this design with Jingle Balls as a part of the Kiss my Christmass 2014 collection, followed by the clovers Lucky Moves, Moving On and Dirty Moves. Special for Star Bijou Berlin are Lucky Stars, Lovely Hearts and New Star.

The bead comes in a customized box.

It is a limited edition, only 777 beads are made. The numbered certificate has a corresponding code that is engraved on the bead.

The bead has seven different heart locks, so much gorgeous detail!

To celebrate their love people leave locks, this bridge in Rotterdam is called the Love Lock bridge!

I made this design before and because I feel it is so powerful I made it again with Jingle Locks. Love is hard, Love Hurts, you have to be brave to let your heart be opened again! With Love Hurts, Dragon Bone, Rotten Heart, Ohmnique, Heart of Stone, Dragon Skin, Open Your Heart, Jingle Locks, Dragon’s Breath, Love Cage, Dragon Blood and Love Hurts.

One of the biggest love stories ever: Gnomeo and Juliet! With Love Grows, July Spinner, Juliet, Moving On, Primrose, Jingle Locks, Sky Fire, Lucky Moves, Gnomeo, July Spinner and Love Whirls.

Love can be very complicated sometimes! With Love Hurts, July Spinner, Jingle Balls, Poisoned Apple, Forbidden Fruit, Poisoned Apple, Jingle Locks, July Spinner and Love Hurts.

But love can best be celebrated, especially today! Happy Valentines Day! With Mardi Gras, Kamasutra, Fireball, Jingle Locks, Fireball, Peach and Celebrate.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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