OHM March release preview

We are on the March release already! And a stunning amount of gorgeous beads are coming! Date of release is March 1st until otherwise noted.

Kicking off with Bead of the Month March Holey Bunny! Limited to 789 beads. Tattered and torn from a lifetime of love and loss we will continue to exist for as long as we are able. Remind yourself every day that love is a process of trial and error with Holey Bunny. Full of patches, stitched up rips, and plenty of holes this rabbit keep providing love no matter their condition. Love can overcome every scar. Can you? I am totally in love with him!

Next up is Sumo OHM Gnome, he is hilarious! Do you have a hobby? Every OHM Gnome needs a hobby. We know they like to travel, garden, and occasionally moon people; but do they play any gnome sports? We at OHM are privileged to have unlimited access to the private lives of fairies, elves, and gnomes, and we can accurately report that gnomes are obsessed with sumo wrestling!

We kid you not. Indeed, they have the perfect bodies for it: short, stout, and tough as knotted wood. Everywhere you go in a gnome village, you’ll see two rotund and bearded little gnomes stripping down — stomping and snarling until their faces and bodies are bright pink — then, rushing smack into each other and bumping bellies until one or the other is bounces away.

Young gnomes have their wrestling heroes and hope someday to turn pro themselves, to bang bellies in the big arena.

Another set of three Gus Fink Beasties is released! Limited to 555 beads each and come in a special glass and cork package. And awesome: available individually, and not sealed in blind bag.

The elegant intelligent Beastie. Qwiver can see the light in any situation. Sometimes there are dark periods in the lives of a Beastie, but Qwiver always knows it’s just temporary and to find the good in any situation. She’s not only the smartest Beastie but also the toughest. Using her mind powers she’s able to levitate and heal pain. Next time you’re feeling down and looking for the good, hold onto Qwiver to get you through!

Leader of the Beasties. Howie is the one who runs everything, making sure the beasties continue on helping as many as they can. Being a great leader of the Beasties isn’t easy, Howie must be their voice of reason. Motivating the Beasties to go out and enjoy their mission ‘To bring joy to others.’ He heavily relies on Qwiver to assist him and Fred to pick up his slack when he’s overwhelmed. Whenever you feel overwhelmed Howie is their to calm you with a smile.

Jester of tunes. Fred can put you in a great mood just by humming a beat or singing a silly song. Fred is Howie’s brother and never tries to step in Howie’s way of being the leader. His main objective is to get Howie smiling when he’s too stressed out. Fred is a master of making silly noises that can lighten any situation that seems to be too serious. So if you’re looking for a fresh giggle to the beat of a jester’s drum just hold onto Fred!

SLIM Collection, Spring 2019, I think this is brilliant! Adding glass and colour and taking up less room on the bracelet! This collection of glass is a new size, each bead is slimmer than a typical barrel. They have the same height and basic shape as other barrel beads, but are slimmer. This release has five colours.

Now for the regional and retailer releases.

MY PRECIOUS SKAT TOO exclusive for Perlen Odense Denmark. Limited to 333 beads.
This two-dragon design is a continuation of Perlen’s My Precious collection, and a companion to MY PRECIOUS SKAT which was released November 2018 with one dragon visible.

GREEN TAMBOURINE special edition for Great Lakes Boutique USA.
With CZ inclusions, this will be a continuation of their exclusive series which includes PINK MATTER and PURPLE RAIN.

PERSIST for The Art Oblivion USA. Limited edition of 393 beads.
A new retailer and OHM partner will launch with this exclusive design.

Over half of our body composition is water. We cannot live without water. Life sprung from it and persists to this day. It is what continues to sustain us.

Our breath is the Ocean, swelling and retreating. Our lives are flowing water swirling and moving along a path – obstructed we persist – life always finds a way.

Our emotional landscape is expressed through water. Tears of joy and sadness, the sweat of our labor and stress, layer upon layer, generation upon generation, we release the water from our bodies to the collective stream of humanity and we persist.

Oblivion offers this bead in glass as a symbol of persistence. Layers upon layer of glass represents generations of persistence. Glass is sand that has been subjected to extreme conditions and has reformed. It is neither liquid nor fully solid, but as an amorphous union it settles somewhere between these two states of matter. When you feel stuck, fixed, unchanging, may PERSIST be a reminder to persevere through extreme circumstances to become something of substance.

KING (OHM Beads Nederland). Limited edition of 333 beads. Beeing dutch myself I am very excited about this bead! Release is on March 2 during a party at juwelier Arie de Koning in Joure and available at retailers across the Netherlands after that.

A celebration design for King’s Day, April 27th, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The date marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander of the House of Orange-Nassau.

HAAD SAI, this bead is released during a selling event on the new remodeled OHMbeads.com with OHM Thailand. Limited edition of 333 beads. On March 5 at 11:11 am Bangkok time.

From Thai language, HAAD meaning beach, and SAI meaning SAND. This is a textured and two tone bead reminiscent of many of the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

COOBER PEDY, released during a selling event on OHMbeads.com with OHM beads Australia on March 15 at 8 am Gold Coast time. Limited edition of 333 beads.

In celebration of another of Australia’s many natural wonders, COOBER PEDY showcases the colors of its rusty landscape that only the hardiest survive.

And to end this preview and announcement of retirements effective March 1st: TRAINWRECK AAX020
ARIES AAO003 (Regional Zodiac Collection)

Another great release and so much looking foreward too! I am looking foreward to the King launch party at jeweller Arie de Koning!

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