OHM King – Part 2 – The Party

Finally King lauch day is here! I had the morning to prepare for the party!

My party stacks! My left wrist we already looked at yesterday. On my right wrist I made the Luna universe on the Whip leather bracelet again!

The sun just came out as we arrived at the beautiful store of jeweller Arie de Koning in Joure!

The entrance decorated with orange flags.

Just as you walk inside the store there is a beautiful OHM display case.

And we walked up to the first trays of beads!

To fit the theme orange food and drink! With custOHMed pastry!

This backpack was to be won in a raffle later on.

And here is the star of the party, the bead we all came to launch and celebrate: King!

The trays with custOHMs, we did our best to empty them, fast!

Feast your eyes on this, no words needed I think!

It was so much fun to meet beadfriends old and new, so much to share and talk about!

Candy, candy, candy, all afternoon!

Time flew by and we had to say goodbye again! Thank you so much Marikaisa, Wilma, Mirjam, Maaike, Ineke, Frank, Cari and Remco for a fun afternoon! Until next time!

Back home I could unpack my beads and have a play with them. This is my haul, a custOHM white with a silver stripe, a first edition Cold Milk, from the Six Pack Feel Bangin and the letters S and T (I already had the letter B). We also got the beautiful Lilac Gold!

A wonderful afternoon with beads, friends and loads of fun!

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