OHM Mardi Gras

From the February release is this stunning glass called Mardi Gras!

The bead has a black background and three designs that are masks!

The design is made in three different colours.

It’s made so beautiful, they look like flowers from the side.

Mardi Gras (Frensh for Fat Tuesday) is the carnival and is celebrated around the world. It can start as early as November, but the real celebration is six weeks before Easter, before the period of the fasten that ends with Easter starts. This came from religious origins to feast before the fasten.

All dressed up, the parade begins! With Scuba, Celebrate, Year of the Dog, Confetti Upchuck, Magic Frog, Mardi Gras, Bunny Angel, Confetti Upchuck and Vampire.

I made a bangle with Poisoned Apple, Moving On, Mardi Gras, Lucky Stars, CustOhm, Jingle Locks, Celebrate, Lucky Moves, Poisoned Apple and Jingle Balls.

What do people do during Mardi Gras? Here in the Netherlands they drink loads of beer! With Hipster Hops, Hive Mind, Mardi Gras, Truebeadz True Pint, Hipster Hops, Hive Mind and Lilac Gold.

And because Mardi Gras is a celebration leading up to Spring I made a combination with Black Coffee, Tulips, Celebrate, Mardi Gras, Year of the Cock and Lilac Gold on the Whip leather bracelet with OHMWHO clasp.

Mardi Gras is a very festive bead, I love the muted colours and Mardi Gras can be combined with so many other glass beads!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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