OHM April release preview

Today we look at the release for April and what a release this is! Release date is April 1st, unless otherwise stated.

Bead of the Month April no. 47 is Leaf Life, a limited edition release. Only 555 have been created. There are three variations. Each bead is serialized and engraved with an individual code and sealed in a blind bag. A mini certificate of authenticity with the number in the series will be included. 

Leaves have been capturing sunlight and making food for millennia. As life evolved on this planet, photosynthesis was a total game changer. Without our leafy friends we wouldn’t be here today. Cleaning up our mess for centuries and providing us with glorious clean air to breath. Continue to cherish LEAF LIFE on this planet and send a big THANK YOU into the world for everything they do. Thank you.

The next bead in the Big Bead Quarterly (BBQ) is No. 8 Stoplight!
This is a custom order only. Approximate 6-8 week delivery time. Special package size about 9 x 9 x 9 cm

You are at an intersection. A fork in the road of your life. How do you know what to do?

Since 1868 these lights have been helping us navigate through our communities. That first light was gas-lit and manually operated. And exploded. So be sure to look both ways and always be aware. Trust your judgement. RED LIGHT! GREEN LIGHT!

Red equals stop, yellow is for caution, and GREEN MEANS GO! This stoplight has three colors of crystals facing in each direction, and is wearable on a bracelet or the OHM Ball Necklace. The first four-sided traffic light with the three colors was created by a police officer named William Potts in Detroit, Michigan, home of the automobile. Buckle up and STAY SAFE!

A perfect addition to the Stoplight is this glass bead Traffic Light!

Remember the game we played as kids: “Red Light, Green Light”? The person who was “it” stood with their back to the rest of us and said “Green Light!” We then began to race toward a finish line; but, without warning, the “it” person would turn around and shout, “Red Light!” We would all freeze in mid-stride! If anyone was caught moving–or fell over–they had to return to the starting point.

The game of Life is an intersection and you are looking to the Universe to tell you whether to “stop” or “go”. When you wear this glass bead on your wrist, ask a question and give it a spin, and stop it with your finger. What color did it land on? Is it time to move forward? Is it time to stop?

Another gorgeous and unusual glass bead is Spring Ice!

The ice is melting and the flowers are coming. SPRING ICE has varying shades of purples blues and greens covered in a frosty layer or textured glass. Like the first crocus bursting up from the frosty valley floor. Look forward from Winter into Spring and have hope that life will burst open soon. #SpringIsComing

This glass bead is called Berry Modest!

I feel a bit of jelly in my future. Or is it a jam? Either way, I’m hungry. The fruits of so many plants feed us with their sweet berries. Be careful you know what you are picking. Be modest and forage with a knowledgable friend. You never know what that bit of shiny bright red could have in store for you.

This is an awesome addition to any sea theme, the adorable Walrus!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things — of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings — and why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.” The Walrus was speaking, of course, to a group of tender, young oysters that he had coaxed from their comfortable and safe oyster bed with the promise of adventure. Silly oysters! Couldn’t they see that the sophisticated, but sly, gentleman Walrus was hiding a sharp oyster knife behind his handkerchief? Sir Walrus had no intention of discussing “many things” — winged piglets or otherwise — instead, with a side of bread and butter and a generous seasoning of vinegar and pepper, the hungry Walrus quickly gobbled every fat and gullible little mollusk.

And the story continues with Oysters With Shoes! Too cute!

“O Oysters, come and walk with us!” The Walrus did beseech. A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, along the briny beach…The young oysters hurried up, all eager for a treat: their coats were brushed, their faces washed, their shoes were clean and neat — and this was odd, because, you know, they hadn’t any feet.

O poor foolish little oysters! They were so excited to join this grand adventure, that they didn’t pause to realize how plump and delicious they looked, and how tasty and satisfying they might be with a dash of vinegar or lemon and a generous bath of hot sauce!

Pop open their snug little shells, pop off their cute little footwear, and it was time for lunch! We love you, Oysters!

Next in the gorgeous blooms series is Cherry Blossoms, a beautiful spring flower!

The cherry blossom, “sakura” in Japan, often symbolize clouds and the impermanence of life. They bloom en masse in billowing bursts of white blossoms edged in pink, filling the trees with fragrance. Soon, they will disappear as quickly as they arrived. 

Every year, the Japanese Meteorological Agency tracks the “sakura zensen” or “cherry blossom front” along with the weather forecast. The public follows the progress of the blooming trees from Okinawa in January, to Kyoto and Tokyo near the first of April. The Japanese pay close attention to these forecasts and turn out in large numbers to greet the blossoms at parks, shrines, temples, flower festivals, or flower-viewing parties with family and friends.

Cherry blossoms also embody the concept of “mono no aware” which translates as “a sensitivity to the transience of things.” Because cherry blossoms arrive with such bursts of exquisite beauty but fade just as quickly, they teach the Japanese to gracefully accept the briefness of our own beautiful existence, our karma, our mortality. The Japanese say that an awareness of the brevity of all things heightens the appreciation of their beauty and evokes a gentle sadness at their passing. Because cherry blossoms fall from the tree after only a week or so, they perfectly embody “mono no aware.”

Now this beautiful and symbolic cloud of cherry blossoms adorns your OHM bracelet, to remind you that life and love are precious, and every day, every experience can be appreciated to its fullest.

Building Blocks Collection glass, a beautiful representation of the elements!

The suffix ATION means, the act of, the condition of being, or the result of.


Fire is a force of power and destruction, but also of transformation and rebirth. Fire warms us, feeds us, and keeps the terror of the darkness at bay.


Earth is a force of stability, a grounding presence in our lives as we can always find a stable footing. It is a great expanse of space and of the mind. From the dirt comes the food that nourishes us, body and soul.


Water is a force of great change and determination. It is the controller of life, as it gives it can take away. Even the slowest of drips can carve a canyon given enough time.


Wood is a force of meticulous and slowing change. With every pressing force the branches of life will reach for infinity. A tall and glorious tree will protect and shade us from the harsh rays of the noon sun, a fallen tree will feed a thousand organisms for epochs to come.


Metal is a force of strength, danger, and protection. Manipulated by our hand metal can take many forms. Tools of help or hindrance. How we see the world shapes how the world interacts with us. Metal is a mirror of ourselves.

A new colour Whip Bracelet is out! The OHM Whip Bracelet is leather and approximately 66 cm (26 in) long. It can be worn as a necklace or multiwrap bracelet. The end can be looped though the silver hook or you can add a clasp or open work bead to create a closure.

We are not done yet! Now we look at the retailer and regional exclusives!

Lilac Wine, Great Lakes Boutique USA.

With CZ inclusions this will be a continuation of their exclusive series which includes Green Tambourine, Pink Matter, and Purple Rain.

Live Life, OHM Stuff USA.
QTY: 111
It will be released on Ohmstuff.com and/or Facebook.
Core is engraved with LIVE LIFE and the serial number of the bead. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

Higher Self, OHM Stuff USA.
Release on Ohmstuff.com and/or Facebook.
QTY: 111
Core is engraved with HIGHER SELF and the serial number of the bead. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

Red Moscow, OHM World, Russia.
QTY: 555
Release date is 19 APR at 8 AM Moscow time on Ohmworld.ru and/or Ohmtogether.com.

Москва, я думал о тебе!
Москва… как много в этом звуке
Для сердца русского слилось!

А. С. Пушкин

A bead with the beautiful name “Red Moscow.” Moscow is a beautiful city with many sites and an ancient city center. The main color of the capital is red. It is the color of the royal dynasty and the color of the Kremlin. The fortress of red brick, echoes the golden stars and domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, this architectural beauty will leave guests in awe. Red with gold and a yellowish glass layer is a great symbol dedicated to Moscow.

Thai OG & Songkran Festival Collections, Ohm Thailand.

Release date 5 APR at 11:11 AM Bangkok time on Ohmbeads.com.

OHM Gnomes live in many different countries with different cultures, just like us. The only thing that Gnomes all over the world have in common is their pointy hats. This handsome OHM Gnome couple is traveling to you from Thailand.

Originally, Thailand was called Siam. Both males and females wore a loincloth wrap called a “Jong Khra Behn” that tucked between the legs to form a sort of baggy trousers. Bare feet and bare chests for both genders were acceptable formal attire.

In the 1850’s, King Mongkut of Siam established a new dress code influenced by Victorian England. He required his subjects to wear shirts and shoes to become “civilized” and he employed an English governess to educate his children in European language and customs. You’ve probably seen the movie based upon the memoirs of this governess called “The King and I.”

Mae Gnome Pikul – Urban women of Bangkok — and Mongkut’s own consorts — began to imitate the extravagant lace blouses and ropes of pearls worn in Victorian England. These blouses had high collars, frilly waists, and puffy sleeves that tapered down snug to the wrists (the name translated as “ham sleeve top.”) 

In true Victorian fashion, showing any skin was now considered taboo. Siamese women continued to wear the loose wrapping trousers (Jong Khra Behn); but now with knee-socks and shoes. Our grand OHM Gnome lady is wearing this combination.

Luang Gnome Pitak – The gentlemen of Siam during this era, likewise combined the traditional baggy trousers with shoes, socks, and a suit (or military) jacket. As the 20th century dawned, Mongkut’s son, King Chulalongkorn, popularized a new style of jacket that he had seen on his travels to India, which he called the “Raja Pattaen” (or Raj Pattern). 

This jacket had a high “Neru” collar and five buttons, and removed the necessity of a dress shirt underneath. A welcome relief in the tropical climate. Our OHM Gnome gentleman is handsome in his attire from this era.

Sanuk – Sanuk is roughly translated as “fun,” but is so much more than that. Sanuk is a cultural feeling of connection and comfort. Sanuk mai? Are you having fun? … or more accurately … Are you having an enjoyable time of rambunctious connection with your friends or family in an environment that lets your nervous system relax and engages all your senses? Sanuk is an active “fun,” something the Songkran festival fully epitomizes.

You can have Sanuk alone, or with friends, but you must be active and connected to what it is that is creating this feeling. Sanuk is not a passive action that happens to you or around you. You must participate and splash around with engagement. Sanuk mai? Sanuk mak!

Our OHM Gnome couple are so cute in their traditional garb, and would love to come visit you!

Songkran _ If you are ready for Sanuk come join Songkran, the Thai New Year’s national holiday. Songkran itself is April 13th, but Thai’s celebrate April 12-16. It is a festival of water during some of the hottest and driest (for Thailand) weather. Based on the solar calendar, it aligns with the rising of Aries and the start of the astrological cycle. Originally from Sanskrit, it translates to “astrological passage,” meaning transformation and change.

Pouring water over your elders shows respect and reverence. Songkran is a festival of unity, and many who have moved or traveled away from their home towns return to visit with loved ones and their elders. Reverence for ancestors is vital to Songkran.

For those who are your peers, it’s time to play. Dress in your most speculator plumeria floral outfit and let your friends put some Din Sa Pong on your face (a special clay, as seen on the surface of this bead.) Revelers celebrate with a days long water fight. Buckets of water line the street for you to scoop from and pour over your friends! Don’t forget to refill your water gun. Arenas are filled for water fights. Young and old splash each other with water, as major streets are closed to traffic as celebration floods the cities. Sanuk is had by all!

And last but by no means least!

Alien Line, OHM beads Taiwan.
Only 168 beads are made and release date is 10 APR at 9 AM Taipei time on Ohmbeads.com.

Inspired by classic Sci-Fi movies and space themes. This line of blue Alien light indicates something mysterious is about to happen! What could it be?! Limited to 168 pieces, this design is exclusive to OHM in Taiwan and includes a certificate of authenticity matching the engraving on the core of the bead. What message do you hear being transmitted?

And to finish this incredible April release and update on retirements. On April 1st Sunflowers (AAN014) and Taurus (AAO004) are officially retired.

This must be one of the biggest releases OHM beads has launched yet! Too spoiled for choise and a whishlist going through the roof! So much to look foreward to! Have you made up your mind yet?

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