OHM Leaf Life

One of the most beautiful glass beads OHM has made I think is the Bead of the Month April 2019 Leaf Life!

Leaf Life comes in three different designs and is distributed in a blind bag.

I made an unboxing video. Please excuse my working garden hands (and I cut my finger with my secateurs).

I was so taken by this beautiful glass bead that I ordered a second one, even before my first one had arrived! Gladly I got two different ones! Happy days!

Leaf Life comes in a beautiful box with lush green leaf designs.

And a certificate of authenticity with a number and corresponding code that is engraved on the bead.

Leaf Life is a bigger glass bead, shown here with Cold Milk, an average size OHM barrel glass bead.

Starting with the new colour Whip leather bracelet! This colour is so perfect for the bright warmer days to come! I combined the Leaf Life beads with two Spring Refractions and a Green Crack.

What do plants, trees and flowers need to grow? Water and earth! This bangle is with two new glass beads from the Building Blocks collection: Water-ation and Earth-ation. I combined them with Lucky Moves and Moving On and Love Grows.

The OHM bunnies together on a Spring bangle! Holey Bunny, Bunny Reaper and Bunny Angel with Spring Refractions.

Spring has sprung on the Nothern hemisphere! With the Panorama beads Emerald City (Seattle) with Green Crack and XXX (Amsterdam) with King. And Tulip, Tulips and two red Slim beads called Sour.

A combination of the various Spring glass and Poisoned Apple.

If you are outside on a beautiful day you might run into an OhmGnome or two hiding in the greenery, pulling a prank on you! With the silvers Moon Me, Pre-wine, OhmGnome, Trick or Treat, OhmGnome and Tulip.

I made a full Spring/Easter bracelet with fresh white and delecate pink which I am going to wear for a long time! On the Trollbeads Hues of Wonder bracelet with Trollbeads Dutch Tulip, Easter Egg and Clover. And Pandora glass and Bella Fascini Peep.

OhmGnome , are you going to tell him to nock it off??

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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