OHM Building Blocks

This April OHM released a gorgeous collection of glass beads called Building Blocks.

Five glass beads, happy to say not limited editions so part of the regular collection. Glass beads are an important part of bracelet design! They add additional texture, colour and can add to the theme you want to create. These glass beads in the Building Block collection are named after elements of nature.

The colour and patern on the glass beads are created to resemble the elements they are named after. Awesome to use for those themes!

But I feel a bead can be whatever you want it to be! So I am going to try to use them in different themes inspired by my daily surroundings!

I am kicking off with Metal-ation.

It immediately reminded me of the path where I walk with my dog every day! Took this picture earlier this morning! Beautiful crisp Spring day!

Translated into a bracelet! With two Green Crack, two Leaf Life, Butterflies, Metal-ation, Labrador Retriever and Non Violence.

Next up is Water-ation!

The deep blue glass with white swirls feels like a sky with friendly clouds to me! There is a windmill in the distance!

So I made this air/sky/cloud/wind bracelet with Windmill, old OHM glass, Cold Milk 2e, Rebirth, Water-ation, Cold Milk 1e and Biplane.

Here is Wood-ation

I bet I am not the only one when I thought of latte, coffee and caramel! Yummm!

So a latte/coffee/caramel bracelet to match! With Cupcake, Caramel Latte, Coffee Collection To Go, Wood-ation, Coffee Collection To Stay, Latte and Coffee To Go.

This Building Block is Earth-ation.

I feel it also looks like amber! We love to go to Denmark for holidays and I found amber on the beach there!

I love to use this glass on an amber inspired bracelet! With Bar Bawl, Woodstock Star, Incremental Change, Woodstock Grow, Earth-ation, Woodstock Love, Hipster Hops, Dragonfly and Mulled Cider.

And last but not least is Fire-ation!

This Building Block reminds me of one of the most spectacular sunsets I saw last year!

My OhmGnomes love a good sunset too! So we enjoy it together! A sunset bracelet with Sky Fire, Moon Me, Sunshine, OhmGnome, Fire-ation, OhmGnome, Forsythia, Mankini and Primrose.

So there they all are in a different theme! Glass beads really are the Building Blocks of bracelets! Look beyond the name and let the gorgeous glass inspire you! A bead can be whatever you want it to be! Happy bracelet building!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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