OHM Inner Self

The Bead of the Month May no. 48 is Inner Self. This design is so special and different! A larger glass bead incased in silver with a face split in two to reveal the inside.

OHM presented us with this picture first! The design is breathtaking! We soon learned this release would again be a blind bag and the glass inside the bead would vary!

This picture gave some indication as to what the different colours could be. But the reality is even more stunning! I cannot show you all the different colours of glass that are out there! You can check it out on OHMily, the official OHM Facebook page or on Instagram #OHMinnerself.

I was so excited when my Inner Self arrived I forgot to record the opening of the blind bag!

Inner Self is packaged in a cute wooden box.

The lid contains a mirrow to reflect your inner self!

Inner Self comes with a certificate of authenticity with a number and corresponding code that is engraved in the bead. Only 555 beads were made.

My Inner Self has glass with light blue and green. I must admit I was a little disappointed, I had hoped for brighter colours, red, yellow, orange, purple perhaps? But then I let Inner Self sink in a bit, pulled out my beadbox and started rummaging for beads and glass to go with it!

Within 30 minutes I made this bangle and completely fell in love with my Inner Self! A bangle with OHMmygod and OHMmygod 2.0, two OHMniques and two Reflections.

Playing with Inner Self I discovered I am a hippy! I made this combination with two Purple Haze, two Natural Sight, Kamasutra and Woodstock.

Inner Self is also beautiful to wear on the Whip Leather bracelet as a necklace. This is the new Navy colour Whip bracelet.

But I want to stick to this design for a while. Swapped the two Reflections with two Luminous. And I discovered my Inner Self matches beautifully with turquoise! That is jewellery that I have bought ever since I was a teenager! I have many earrings and necklaces so I can wear this bangle with my favourite stone, fit for a hippy! And turquoise happens to be my son’s birthstone too!

I have fallen in love with my Inner Self and so happy it revealed that I am a hippy! Have you found your Inner Self too?

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

One thought on “OHM Inner Self

  1. I hadn’t even noticed the mirror in the lid I was too eager to open the bag! I bought two and they go together well which is unusual. I am shades of turquoise and blue. Love your combinations.


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