OHM Archangel Mikael

With the OHM June release comes this gorgeous design called Archangel Mikael! It is a special limited edition for OHM Europe! He is now available for pre-order at OHM Europe or your favourite European OHM retailer. Release date is May 30.

In the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. He really is a symbol for all good in this world!

Only 333 of these beads have been made and each bead includes a certificate of authenticity matching the serialization engraving on the bead itself.

Archangel Mikael has beautifully detailed wings folded backwards. He is wearing a medieval face mask, a long robe and a sword. Note his cute little feet!

An Archangel is pure and good, so I made a white bangle to match. With Cold Milk 1e, Pandora open work, OHMnique, Archangel Mikael, Pandora Iridescent, Pandora open work and Cold Milk 2e.

Archangel Mikael’s matching element is Fire! It helps enlightening people’s souls by awakening them to spiritual truth. So I made a small bangle with two Fireball and two Love Hurts.

I just had to combine Mikael with his siblings, the OhmMyGod angels! On the Chunky bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and two Poisoned Apple, Mardi Gras and Celebrate.

I love a good match and I feel OhmMyGod 4.0, only just released by Great Lakes Boutique and still available is just that! Good versus evil within the same theme!

The Battle between Good and Evil. On a bangle with Heart of Stone, Dark Soul, OhmMyGod 4.0, Fire-ation, Archangel Mikael, Cold Milk 1e and Love Hurts 2.0.

With the element of Fire also comes the gorgeous Phoenix! I wanted to combine this beautiful bead called Rebirth with the angel theme. A bangle with Sacred Heart, Slim Sour, Archangel Mikael, Fireball, Rebirth, Fireball, OhmMyGod 4.0, Slim Sour and Sacred Heart 2.0.

Finally added OhmMyGod and OhmMyGod 2.0 and 4.0, two Love Hurts, both Sacred Heart, Rebirth and Archangel Mikael together on a full bracelet.

Archangel Mikael has so much personal meaning for me! Combined with the Fire element it is a bead that once again touched my heart and helps me sustain a loving memory.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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