OHM Soak

A very fun bead OHM released and close to my heart is Soak! It’s a vintage slipper style bathtub with claw feet and full of bubbles!

Often times we forget to take moments for ourselves to collect our thoughts and ease our stresses. Water cleanses the soul and bubbles bring you smiles.

Take that moment and be kind to yourself. Go to Your Happy Place. A Magic Place. Soak. XOXO 

When you think of relaxation, of washing away the stress of the day, of turning off the world – think bubble bath.

There is magic happening when you sink into a tub of bubbles. There may be no better way to find immediate calm and serenity. Shall you bring a glass of wine in with you, risk wetting a few pages from your favorite book, or turn on relaxing music? Maybe all of the above. There is no wrong way to bubble bath. The only wrong choice to make is not allowing yourself the time to sink into the tub and fully relax

The joys of a bath go back to childhood – it begins with the comfort of a mother washing a cooing new baby. Then to a toddler spending hours in self play with their bath toys. At some age we lose the joy and importance of bath time, but if we’re lucky, we find a big bottle of bubble bath and remember the magic.

I love the attention to detail of Soak, this is the kind of bathtub I always imagined buying for my bathroom. Sadly I had to settle for the boring sensible and more economic one. Does the job though!

Baby Argh is happy with this newest addition to the OHM collection! He is ready to take his bath! On the Navy Whip leather bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and Baby Argh, Water-ation, Pirate Ship, Soak and Metal-ation.

I always wanted an old battered bathtup in a shady, private corner of my garden and take long baths during hot summers! Here I used The Office as a garden shed and Mankini kindly stepped in to be the garden gnome! On a bangle with Spring Refractions, Mankini, Leaf Life, The Office, Leaf Life, Soak and Spring Refractions.

During the day I can dream of relaxing at home in this gorgeous bathtub. So glad I have extra help to visualize my daydream now! On a Trollbeads bangle with Ice, Woodstock Star, Waterfall, Soak, Waterfall, Woodstock Grow and Ice.

And when I finally get home I strip all my clothes off and take that long awaited soak! Trollbeads bangle with Ice, Trollbeads Venus of Willendorf, Waterfall, Soak, Waterfall, Pandora Duck and Ice. And look…

The Ice beads feel like a crystal chandelier! This really is my dream bathroom!

This is such a fun bead to play with! And Soak gave me a new boost of inspiration, for my bracelets, my house and my garden!

“Okay, we all get to get a soak!”

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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