OHM Persist, Surrender and Flourish by The Art Oblivion

Hooray, beadmail!

In cooperation with OHM The Art Oblivion launched a collection of gorgeous glass designs inspired by life’s journeys!

The Art Oblivion has created motivating stories with all three beads! They are all limited editions, only 393 beads each are released and comes with a certificate of authenticity. I was a bit late to this party, but I recently purchased all three glass beads and they are absolutely stunning! (Or was it the free shipping with $100 spend within the U.S or $150 world wide?) These beads really touched my heart so I wanted to share their stories!

The first bead was released back in March and is called Persist. Persist has a dark blue glass base and a design of teal, blue and greenish scales that covers the glass all around.

Accompanied by beautiful life phrases this glass design tells of persistence inspired by the ocean. Here is the story of Persist:

Over half of our body composition is water. We cannot live without water. Life sprung from it and persists to this day. It is what continues to sustain us.

Our breath is the Ocean, swelling and retreating. Our lives are flowing water swirling and moving along a path – obstructed we persist – life always finds a way. 

Our emotional landscape is expressed through water. Tears of joy and sadness, the sweat of our labor and stress, layer upon layer, generation upon generation, we release the water from our bodies to the collective stream of humanity and we persist.

Layers upon layer of glass represents generations of persistence. Glass is sand that has been subjected to extreme conditions and has reformed. It is neither liquid nor fully solid, but as an amorphous union it settles somewhere between these two states of matter. When you feel stuck, fixed, unchanging, may PERSIST be a reminder to persevere through extreme circumstances to become something of substance.

In June Surrender was released. Again a beautiful teal, blue and green swirled glass bead.

This is the story of Surrender:

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” – Julia Cameron

When we surrender we are taken to places we have not chosen on our own. We are taken to places that we never knew were possible. 

Surrendering opens us up to new potential. When we surrender we can begin to see new possibilities within old perimeters. When we will find beauty in what “is” we free ourselves from the need to try and control our wild life. 

“Surrender is surrender to this moment, not to a story through which you interpret this moment and then try to resign yourself to it.” – Eckhart Tolle

SURRENDER reminds us that sometimes our greatest strength is knowing when to let go – and then actually doing so. Sometimes the only way to change our circumstances is to release the illusions we are familiar with and allow the vast intelligence of the flow of life to work its magic on us. Surrender is not submitting and giving up, it is about releasing our ego and expectations to allow ourselves to be shown a bigger picture.

And with the August release came Flourish! Glass ranging from teal, light blue til the softest green and sprinkled with the finest sparkling glitter!

And this is the story that goes with Flourish:

Our lives are a swirling mixture of feelings and circumstances, of experiences that can reward or punish us depending on our environment. While we all feel this very differently, something that unites all of humanity is that we can thrive only when we ALL flourish. 

Each experience that we have offers us an opportunity to understand new ways that support us in flourishing if we are open; open to seeing beyond duality, good and bad, comfortable and uncomfortable, what we want to call in and what we attempt to avoid.

When we can find this place of surrender and persistence, this place of flourishing using all that life throws at us, we begin to show up in the world offering our unique flair, we are able to add our personal flourish. It is in our bodies now, our gestures now, our handwriting now. What are we communicating? When we put ourselves out there we  become “permissionaries,” inviting other folks into a safe space to shine and offer their own flourish.

Let FLOURISH be a reminder that there is nowhere to get to before you can begin flourishing, you are already doing it! FLOURISH is here to embellish your unique statement with a touch of the fabulous. Let’s sparkle!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was so lucky my Inner Self bead matched so great with the Oblivion beads, both in colour and in theme! This was the bangle I made as soon as I had them in hand! With a little bit of fun I combined them with Year of the Monkey (for inner calm), Monkey Business (to remind me to scale that down), Beadmail (alway on my mind) and We Learn As We Age (hoping to reach that goal one day)! The other glass are Sea Striations (left) and OHMnique (right).

And I managed to fill up a whole bracelet with my second OHMnique and Luminous and added some more silver. OHM also released two new Words $H1T and WTF? in the August release and they spoke to me big time! I thought they would go great with this bracelet, my Inner Self speaking out! (Or at least I try to keep that inside!) And added Rotten Heart, this bead reminds me to live life to the fullest, because life is so short and deserves my every effort to be happy!

I am very grateful I can cary such lovely and strong reminders with me wherever I go!

And then I added my Chi-chi stick to the bracelet, mine reads WORTH!

What a great addition to this theme! So powerful! And I combined the bracelet with Pandora rings Turquoise and Rock Crystal, my husband and son’s birthstones.

So here is my Oblivion Inner Self bracelet to support my inner dialogue that is at times not the most positive. But this bracelet with this collection of uplifting and lovingly crafted beads will help me to be more kind and compassionate to myself! Thank you The Art Oblivion and OHM!

Persist, Surrender and Flourish can be found on https://theartoblivion.com. Persist is almost sold out!

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