OHM September release preview

We are still in de midst of summer and the OHM September preview is already upon us! And what a release it is, again! Release date is September 5th, unless otherwise stated.

Kicking off with Bead of the Month No 52 JAMIE THE JELLYFISH! A limited edition of 555 pieces and comes in a beautiful box! I love that OHM keeps the deep sea theme for the month of September going with this fun design!

Don’t be jelly if you don’t get what you want. It’s important to remember that we are all in this community together. Keep moving, keep stinging, and keep getting stung. Keep trying, keep connecting, and keep living! Work through your awkwardness and keep moving on!

This gorgeous glass bead is called BURST OF LIFE!
Is it a burst from the heavens that seeds the ground below for life to flourish? Is it a burst from the depth of the ocean floor reaching for the sun? No matter the direction, life always finds a way.

This is a set of gorgeous delecate blue glass called JELLYFISH GLASS COLLECTION!

This first one is IMMORTAL BLUE. The glass containes a blue jellyfish.

Blue is the color of the deep sea for the perfect camouflage to elude capture. When allowed to float free the IMMORTAL BLUE jellyfish can live forever. You are only as young as you feel, so tap into that juvenile sense of adventure, exploration, and carefree joy. It’s there waiting inside of you.

The second one is MAUVE STINGER, this has a pink jellyfish inside.

At home in warm waters of the Mediterranean and around the glove, the pink hues of the MAUVE STINGER jellyfish drift naked in wait for its next meal. Stay attuned to your surroundings and be ever ready to strike as needed.
And the third one is IMMORTAL BLUE, with a red jellyfish.
Blue is the color of the deep sea for the perfect camouflage to elude capture. When allowed to float free the IMMORTAL BLUE jellyfish can live forever. You are only as young as you feel, so tap into that juvenile sense of adventure, exploration, and carefree joy. It’s there waiting inside of you.


A new set of Slim glass beads with new colours, awesome!

RISE, blue glass
Look up from what you are doing. Rise to the challenge that now meets you. As the autumn days shorten your chances at completing outstanding tasks diminishes. #nohesitation

FALL, brown glass
Let go and embrace the fall. When you release from your grip on productivity, creation, and hard work, you can let yourself and your cells relax. #rebalance
MOW, green glass
The summer burst of growth is soon behind us. Mow down the overgrowth in your surroundings and notice yourself relaxing into the harvest season. #mowthemdown

PLANT, purple glass
Prepare the soils and plant those that need the winter to hibernate. Now is the time to prepare for the Spring bloom of crocus, iris, tulip, and hyacinth. #prepareyourself

And last but not least DROP, yellow glass

Relish in the last few drops of sunlight before the darkness of the winter months ahead. Cherish the final throws of warmth and enjoy the changing colors. #dropin


The Seven Deadly Sins is a collection of vices that achieved infamy because they are sins that directly give rise to ALL other sins. They are classified as “deadly” because these sins are abuses or excessive versions of natural human needs and passions.
The 7 Deadly Sins have been an important moral lesson throughout history, such as in Dante’s Inferno, where sinners are grouped and punished in Purgatory according to their sins. Even today, priests and preachers use the concept of the “deadly” sins to help people curb their inclinations before dire consequences and other misdeeds can occur.

This sin is usually attributed to the overindulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. The word gluttony derives from the Latin “gluttire” meaning “to gulp down or swallow.” Our OHM GLUTTONY bead has a large open mouth, eager to devour with abandon, and also sags with pendulous, overfed flesh. Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote that there are many forms of gluttony: eating too expensively, eating too often, eating too much when others have too little. Eating should be pleasurable and culinary art, but it becomes a deadly sin when we “Live to eat, instead of eating to live.”

Unlike the other deadly sins — which are sins of committing immoral deeds — sloth is a sin of omitting responsibilities. Sloth starts with isolation and withdrawing from the world and can lead to a lack of care for oneself. SLOTH is manifest in apathy and indifference, idleness, laziness, tardiness, boredom, and even perpetual sadness. Our OHM sloth drips with sleepy disused atrophy and wraps around a literal “couch potato.” Be careful: Sloth is also defined as “good people failing to act” when needed. Remember, Sloth is a sin of omission. First, they came for them, and I did not speak out, because I was not them.

You might be surprised to learn that “lust” is considered the LEAST grievous of the 7 Deadly Sins, primarily because it involves the intense longing for another individual instead of focusing on the solitary self. A healthy desire for touch and intimacy can become an obsessive craving for voluptuous flesh, a hunger for the heat of delirious passion, and the objectification of lovely bodies and their delicious parts. Remember, LUST, a “deadly” sin is the excess of a natural desire.

Anger is uncontrolled feelings of rage or even hatred. Anger can create feelings and feuds that pass on for centuries, long after the original wrong is forgotten. The humorist Will Rogers once said, “People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.” Perhaps the most deadly form of anger is the feeling of being wronged that turns to violent vengeance, or as author Dorothy L. Sayers wrote, “The love of justice perverted to revenge and spite.” The bead of ANGER rages on every side; with hot flames, spikes, sharp teeth, glaring eyes, flared nostrils, a furious horned beast, and a jagged shattering from a foot or fist. If this bead got any angrier it would leap off your bracelet!

Malicious envy is similar to jealousy. Both feel discontent toward someone else’s traits, status, abilities, or rewards; but envy also yearns to acquire what it covets and desires. Dante described envy as “a desire to deprive other men of theirs.” Thomas Aquinas wrote of envy’s poisonous joy at another’s misfortune and its grief at another’s prosperity. This OHM design is tangled in the hissing coils of its venomous viper of ENVY. A restless, searching, covetous eye looks hungrily at other people’s beauty, talent, clothing, relationships, promotions, and riches, wanting enviously to take what they have. There’s even a Freudian form of envy.

This is considered the most deadly of all the 7 Deadly Sins. As author C.S. Lewis writes, “Anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that are mere flea bites in comparison — it was through Pride that the devil became the devil — pride leads to every other vice.” Benjamin Franklin wrote, “In reality, there is perhaps none of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride. Even if I could conceive that I had completely overcome it, I should probably be proud of my humility.” PRIDE puffs out its chest with pride. On one side, a female glories in her sexy new hairdo, her pouting augmented lips, her artificial lashes, and her designer earrings. On the reverse side, a male works out at the gym to achieve a “cut” physique like Michelangelo’s David. But your Mama probably told you years ago, “Pride goeth before a fall.”

Like lust and gluttony, greed is a sin of desire. This desire is a rapacious pursuit of material possessions and the power they can bestow. GREED takes many forms: hoarding materials or objects, theft and robbery, trickery and fraud, the insatiable hunger to possess more and more than one needs, yet never reaching satisfaction. This design has writhing, grasping tentacles, and a hand tightly clutching its “fistful of dollars,” already having snared a string of valuable pearls. On the reverse side, a tongue hungrily licks its shark-toothed chops as a restless eye searches for its next acquisition. For greed, there is never enough.

What a awesome surpise, OHM launched a new C BANGLE, with black, blue, or champagne end caps! It’s actually based on an old OHM bangle design and I know many people asked for it to be relaunched!
The OHM C BANGLE is an open bangle with end caps studded with colored CZ which unscrew to allow you to load up the bracelet design of your choice. As it is an open “C” shape the bangle is slightly adjustable. Choose SMALL if you wear a 6.7″ (17cm) or smaller and Choose MEDIUM if you wear an 17.1” (18cm) or larger. Available in multiple colors.


And now the OHMISTRY Releases!


GNOMESTRONAUT, I love OHM Gnome dressed as an astronaut so much! It’s a limited edition of 111 pieces and comes in a special box!
Gnomestronaut will take off on 30 AUGUST 2019 at 10:00 AM Seattle time on www.OHMBEADS.com
OHM Gnome is on an adventure! This out of this world design is by Maya Uhryniuk in partnership with OHM. The limited-edition release is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. OHM Gnome sure knows how to travel. A certificate of authenticity is included.




Pre-Orders start on OHM Preview Day.
Shipping on OHM Release Day.

The next addition to the collection! STREAM, glass (The Art Oblivion, USA) A limited edition of 393 pieces.
We are in continuous flow. As we move through our days and drift through the night-sea of dreams, remembered or otherwise, we are always floating within the STREAM of shifting consciousness.
“One can not reflect in streaming water. Only those who know internal peace can give it to others.”
— Lao Tzu
In our modern world, we are continuously served a never-ending stream of information. If we remain conscious and take space to power down, restart, and debug our internal system on a regular basis, we can process all of this incoming information properly. If we never unplug we may never synthesize the vast knowledge being offered. The pull of these swirling currents can often take us out to sea in such a way that we lose our sense of self-direction. We lose our connection to the ground.
STREAM reminds us to lay back and to look up at the clouds. Let it tell you to relax, reset, and o allow yourself to open the persistent STREAM of your own imagination. All the while keeping our bodies firmly planted on terra firma.
I invite you to take this talisman and give it a spin to help you ground. Let the stream wash around you, over you, under you, through you. Give yourself time to absorb the information from the stream, be it alluvial or algorithmic.
Row, Row, Row your boat
Gently down the stream,
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
Life is but a dream…




SACRED HEART 2.0 TWO TONE (OHM in Europe). A limited edition of 333 pieces.
The Sacred Heart is often depicted in Christian art as a flaming heart, shining with beams of divine light, encircled by a crown of thorns, surmounted by a cross, and bleeding. The crown of thorns, cross, and wounds allude to Jesus’ death by crucifixion, while the fire represents the transforming power of divine love, and the beams of light are that infinite love extending to all humanity.
The Sacred Heart also appears on the cherished Miraculous Medal next to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary which is pierced by a sword. Both hearts are often displayed in homes, schools, hospitals, and parishes as symbols of divine blessing and protection.
OHM SACRED HEART 2.0 TWO TONE with its crown of thorns beautifully accented in brass to remind you of the shining power of divine love that surrounds, protects, and blesses you.

PURRR (OHM in Europe). Limited edition of 222 pieces.
Everybody needs a hug now and then. The word “hug” comes from the Old Norse word “hugga” which meant “to comfort,” and nothing is quite as soothing and comforting as a warm hug from a trusted friend. A hug can communicate affection, consolation, support, the joy of reunion, or the welcoming embrace of family and friendship.
This design showcases two kittens hugging: PURRR. But, do cats like to hug? Cats certainly love to cuddle and snuggle, with each other and with you. Wild felines are solitary and mostly silent; but our domesticated house cats live in perpetual kittenhood, enjoying the warm intimacy of bodily snuggles and developing a whole repertoire of kitty sounds to communicate their moods, especially to humans.
Purring may have developed as a signaling mechanism between mother cats and nursing kittens — a sound of reassurance and contentment — and cats continue to purr when they are relaxed, cuddling, being petted, or eating. Now you see the connection: a warm, comforting hug makes you feel loved and reassured, and your heart purrs with pleasure.
Whether you wear OHM’s PURRR bead to remind you of the friends who hug your heart with happiness or just because you love cats and snuggling, this lovely image on your bracelet will always make you smile…and purrr.

PARTY, a gorgeous glass (OHM in Thailand)
Where did confetti come from and why do we throw it at celebrations? The word confetti comes from the Italian word confetto, meaning “small sweet.” Since the Middle Ages, it was the custom for nobles to throw candies, coins, fruit, and flowers to the crowd during carnival parades. The noble ladies would toss eggshells filled with perfume.
The first recorded use of paper confetti occurred in Paris in 1885 for a New Year’s Eve celebration.
Today, confetti comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials but is always tossed in a flutter of colors to celebrate a festive occasion. We are delighted to offer you our own explosion of colorful confetti cascading in a rainbow of joyous celebration for OHM in Thailand’s exclusive PARTY design. Every day is a special occasion on your bracelet, and a great excuse to break out the fun and get a party started! Happy Whatever! The confetti is flying! Party On!

And to finish this amazing release OHMPAL, glass (OHM in Australia). Limited to 222 pieces.

There is a Special Release Date!! On 13 SEPTEMBER 2019 at 08:00 AM Gold Coast time on www.OHMBEADS.com

Until the opening of vast deposits in Australia in the 19th century, the opal was very difficult to source. Today, Australia accounts for 80% of the world’s supply of opal; in fact, the opal is Australia’s National Gemstone.
There are two broad classes of opal: precious and common. The internal structure of the precious opal causes it to diffract light, like a prism, resulting in an iridescent shimmer of dazzling colors across the visual spectrum. Black opal is the rarest.
Our glass artists have created something even rarer! Only 222 of these opalesque glass beauties have been made. Each one is serialized and includes a certificate of authenticity. It might not be opal but let it catch the light on your bracelet to symbolize butterfly sings, seashells, or a starry night on acid.
The opal was highly treasured in ancient times. By the Middle Ages, the opal was considered a stone of great luck because it possessed all the virtues and all the colors of every other gemstone. The opal was said to grant invisibility if wrapped in a fresh bay leaf and held in one’s hand.




Effective September 5th the following items will be retired:

And that was it! What an amazing amout of beads in one release month! This will keep me busy and forget all about Autumn coming!

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