OHM Heart of the Woods

With the OHM August release came Bead of the Month no. 51 Heart of the Woods. A beautiful designed heart that looks like a real human heart, but on closer inspection is made up of tree roots and branches!

Heart of the Woods comes in a wooden box made out of a branch with a lid that turns to open.

And with a certificate of authenticity with a serial number and code that is engraved in the bead. It is a limited edition, only 555 beads are made.

OHM bead’s story to accompany the bead is also very moving: “A tree keeps many deep and silent secrets. It grows slowly over centuries — bending and bracing against the storms — birthing, then losing, its leaves through the changes of the seasons. A tree bears witness to the lifetimes across eons — from the ancient age of elves and unicorns and the first children of men — to the passing of kingdoms, wars, industry, and skyscrapers. A tree is often used without thanks, carries its burdens without complaint, and sacrifices itself to shelter lesser life. Every tree presses its gnarled fingers deep into the dark earth, to hold a steadfast grip and draw nourishment up from the secret depths through its tangled veins. Every tree has a beating heart hidden beneath its roots that throbs with the wordless songs of life eternal.”

For a green leafy theme I made a bangle with Heart of the Woods, two Leaf Life, two Spring Refractions, Lucky Moves and Moving On. Stacked with the retired C Bangle.

Two of the most uses for wood through the ages must be for heating and constructing! So I made a bangle with Heart of the Woods, Argo Studio Fire, The Office, Wood-ation, Fire-ation and two facet glass beads. Stacked with a retired leather bracelet.

I always hope to meet mythical creatures when I am in the woods! On the brown Whip leather bracelet with OHM WHO clasp and Heart of the Woods, Love Grows, OHM Gnome, three Poisoned Apple and a CustOHM.

Heart of the Woods can also be worn on the ball chain necklace. Here topped with Wood-ation.

This bracelet I made last spring and the theme of leafs and bunnies is perfect for Heart of the Woods! With Bella Fascini, Pandora and Trollbeads beads.

Heart of the Woods is a beautiful detailed bead with a versatile use both on a bracelet and on a necklace! I am in love!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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