OHM October release preview

And already we are talking about October! This month’s preview is again packed with beautiful designs! Release day is October 1st, unless otherwise noted.

Starting with Bead of the Month October no. 53 WHO DEAD. A limited edition of 555 pieces with beautiful package!

WHO dead? Remember them. They live on in our minds and memories, as too shall we in others when our time comes. Love is the thread that ties us all together. Love is the wisdom to persevere through difficulty and stay connected. The web of life is stronger when we are all linked through love.

A new glass in a familiar design! BLACKBERRY is like Lemon and Strawberry, I love it!
The black fruit, preserved with the sweetness of the Summer intact, bottled and saved for when we need it most. Dive deep into darkness this season and spread some of that saved summer sweetness on those who need it most. Give freely from your stores and know that you will be repaid in kind.

Cascades of Color 2.0 Collection

Autumn does in fact mean cooler weather, it is argued to be the most spectacular season in terms of its natural beauty. Nature is in transition as the colors change and the foliage begins to fall. The array of cinder shades is intoxicating. Embrace the concept of transition, embrace the changing colors, and utilize Cascades of Color 2.0. A reimagining of the 2013 release which was one the original barrel shape glass designs from OHM.

THE NEXT BLOOMS, glass (purple base)
Take this time to look forward while honoring the past. Remind yourself of the immense depth of the forests and of the possible meanings of life. We are here together at this moment able to look through The Now into The Next.
PITS & PITH, glass (red base)
After you’ve enjoyed the delicious bounty of the fruit do not hesitate to embrace the beauty of that which is left behind. The final fruits of the year are ripening as the preservation of the bounty of the harvest heralds the transition into the holiday season and winter to come. Enjoy every moment now, and savor each bit of the sweet fruit that clings to the refuse.

ACROSS THE KOI, glass (orange base)
The bright colors of the koi remind us again of the beauty in the diversity of life on this planet. As we scatter about attending to our daily business jumping from stone to stone across the pond, remember that not so deeply beyond the fallen leaves at the surface of the water lies infinite possibilities. Witness the magnificent shifting of light every day.

FALL IN THE LAKE , glass (blue base)
Ice is beginning to form. From the first ground frosts to the shimmer of a clear lake’s thin sheet; the fallen bits of color catch in the evening light. Ranging from pumpkin to cinnamon the radiance of the season is on full display. Reflecting light at a deep forest pond or a high mountain glacial lake. Stay attuned to the stillness of this season and remember to rest yourself for the journey ahead.



Project OHMistry is designed to partner Artists (OHMists) around the world with OHM to create OHMmazing collaborative designs. This project allows for OHM and OHMist alike to create a new design that we could never have dreamed of alone. It is also a great opportunity to showcase the art and creativity of those amazingly artistic human minds … OHM + Artistry = OHMistry!
This is a program where the artist leads the process from concept artwork to final design decisions. Reviewing all along the way to collaborate on tweaks of the design through to package design and more!

CLOWNING AROUND. A gorgeous bead with articulating dangles! This bead can also be worn on the ball chain necklace. Designed by Mai Yunacunn. Only 111 beads are made and launces on www.OHMBEADS.com on 4 OCTOBER @ 10:00 AM Seattle time!
The circus is a gathering of smiles and laughter, a place where standing out is key, and the sole objective is to bring joy to all. Clowns are an essential building block of the circus with their colorful shell and painted skin. Deep inside their soul, you will find that which makes them such joyous individuals. Although we may fail to know who is behind the mask, their smile is enough to gain our trust. So, OHMies, keep clowning around! Spread the joy!

Find Mai onhttps://www.instagram.com/yunacunn



RETAILER Exclusives

Pre-Orders start on OHM Preview Day
Shipping on OHM Release Day

COALESCE, glass for The Art Oblivion, USA. Limited to 393 beads. Available on www.THEARTOBLIVION.com

Everything is interconnected.

Countless things happening in any given moment can feel dizzying. More stimuli is coming towards us than ever before, and it can be hard to track.
There always comes a time when the swirling chaos before us begins to take form, and seemingly disconnected ideas, moments, events, and experiences begin to COALESCE.

Once these things did not seem connected yet if you let them they can reveal their shared story, forming a picture we could not have predicted but suddenly makes perfect sense.

COALESCE is the swelling anticipation before consummation and clarity.
COALESCE is the forming focal point that brings everything together if we are patient

COALESCE is an invitation to find the center inside of ourselves, observe what is happening around us with curiosity, and SURRENDER into what the cosmic mystery will reveal if we empty our egos are open to the messages.

METEORITE, glass for Perlen Odense – Your favourite bead store, Denmark. Limited to 333 and available at www.PERLENODENSE.com This is a larger RAWR-Sized design.
A hunk of rock hurtling through space is called a meteoroid. If that meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it enters as a blazing fireball called a meteor or shooting star. If that fiery chunk survives long enough to strike the Earth’s surface, it can be given the glorious moniker of meteorite.

Most meteoroids are made of rock, and as they blaze through our atmosphere, their surfaces melt and sculpt into various shapes, sometimes resulting in shallow thumbprint-like indentations on their surfaces called regmaglypts. As they decelerate, the molten surface of each meteorite solidifies into a thin fusion crust.

OHM is pleased to offer you a magnificent METEORITE inspired glass design, complete with regmaglypts and molten black coloring as proof of its long passage from the far reaches of deep space, through the fire here is not of atmospheric entry but OHM glass artist’s expertise. You too will cherish this little piece of the Universe and the promise of infinite adventure that it brings from a galaxy far, far away.

MARMALADE, glass, also for Perlen Odense – Your favourite bead store, Denmark. This limited edtion is 111 beads available at www.PERLENODENSE.com
Marmalade is usually distinguished from jam by two things: the use of citrus fruit — oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit — and the inclusion of the fruit peel which adds a pleasingly bitter bite. The preferred fruit for most marmalade is the orange which has a high pectin content for nice thick marmalade and adds a zesty flavor.

Our beautiful OHM MARMALADE bead evokes flavors of bright, bitter orange and sweet seedy passion fruit stirred together with sugar and honey for a perfect topping on your favorite scone, biscuit, or muffin. Our marmalade bead adds zest and brilliant flavor to your bracelet and reminds you to start each day with passion, sunshine, and great taste!



REGIONAL Exclusives

SUNSET, glass for OHM in Thailand.
Twilight approaches, this time of transition can symbolize a metamorphosis from one thing to another. A sunset can symbolize the completion of a day’s work and a time to rest from labor. The setting sun can also symbolize the completion of a journey — perhaps the journey of life itself — and a time to rest and savor one’s accomplishments. A beautiful sunset reminds us that time passes, the day concludes, and all things are temporary, to be cherished. As the light fades, darkness follows.

We invite you to celebrate the end of journeys and the beginning of new ones with the beautiful OHM SUNSET glass design. See how the light scatters into all those shimmering colors.

BAD GIRL for OHM in Europe. This is a limited edition of 333 beads.
Ohhh, she is such a bad, BAD Girl. Our little lady may look sweet and cute — despite her scowl — with her button nose, her high ponytails and her striped knee-socks; but our junior femme fatale swings a mighty big ax. Is she a pint-sized superhero battling crime, monsters, or the forces of evil? Or is our leaping, ax-wielding maid the embodiment of evil herself? Perhaps an ax murderer or an agent of vengeance?

Today, young women are empowered to be independent and strong, and many embrace the idea of being a Bad Girl, who does as she pleases with fierce courage, refusing to conform, and answering only to herself. They aren’t looking for trouble.

Celebrate the bad girl in you with OHM’s leaping, charging, full-attack BAD GIRL. Take no prisoners! Something or somebody is gonna get cleaved.


A special color OHM Whip bracelet will be launching at OHM in TAIWAN on September 20th at 09.00 am Taipei time. Limited to 168 pieces that has been engraved on the hook clasp, the package includes matching certificate of authenticity.
The OHM WHIP BRACELET is leather and approximately 66 cm (26 in) long. It can be worn as a necklace or multi wrap bracelet. The end can be looped through the silver hook or you can add a clasp or openwork bead to create a closure.



OCTOBER Retirements

Effective October 1st the following items will be retired:

And that is it for now, wow! How many do you want from this months release, I would want them all!

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