OHM (Jelly)fish Stories

With the OHM September release another range of beautiful silvers and glass are released!

Bead of the Month September no. 52 is Jamie the Jellyfish! A reoccurring theme for September, we had Argh in 2015 and Astronargh last year!

Jamie the Jellyfish is a limited edition, only 555 beads are made. He comes with a numbered certificate and a code that is engraved in the bead. The box is beautiful, covered in shiny mother of pearl. Jamie can be worn on a necklace, but only without the ball.

Jamie has small chains as tentacles! They flow gently around your wrist and is so comfortable to wear. I have been wearing Jamie for a while and not had any problems with him trying to catch on to something. The movement of the tentacles feels like he is gently stroking your hand!

Alongside Jamie the Jellyfish OHM also presented three glass beads containing jellyfish!

The most delecate light blue glass, each holding three jellyfish in the colours pink called Mauve Stinger, red called Paper Lantern and blue named Immortal Blue! I am totally in love with these dreamy floaty translucent glass beads!

On the bangle shown above also new Slim Glass! Now in five different colours in a range of pastels! The previous Slim collections contain solid coloured glass, but this release is clear glass with colours that wrap around the core. From left to right: Rise (blue), Drop (yellow), Plant (pink), Mow (green) and Fall (orange).

And OHM rereleased an old design called C bangle! I know a lot of people are going to be so happy OHM brought this design back! In this picture the old C bangle (green) and the new C bangle (blue) are side by side. The new bangle has longer screw ends to better secure the endcaps which can be taken off to put beads on.

The new C bangle comes in three different colours, blue, black and champagne. There are two different sizes, small and medium. The bangle is slightly adjustable. Choose small if you wear a 6.7″ (17cm) or smaller and choose medium if you wear an 17.1” (18cm) or larger.

I had to make a family reunion (are they family, cousins maybe?)! With Argh and Astronargh and Slim glass Deep and Rise, Water-ation and Blue Sol.

I really love this combination, all the jellyfish together with the matching Slim glass Rise. I also added two Trollbeads Happy Fish.

With this combination I put Jamie the Jellyfish on the Chuncky bracelet with Octopussy clasp and joined by Baby Argh! With the glass Great Barrier Reef and Reef Dust.

Here I put the Slim glass together with Striped Sailfish, Starfish, Jamie the Jellyfish and Alaska King Krab so they can swim through the beautiful multi coloured coral reef!

What a great release, I love that I can keep the summer going on my wrist for a long time! And OHM continues to create gorgeous bead collections month after month! And that is no fish story!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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