OHM November release preview

We are upon the OHM November release and what a stunning pieces! Release date is November 1st, unless otherwise noted.

First up is the Bead of the Month no. 54 November ORACLE! What a beauty! There are 555 beads made.

Oracles, Soothsayers, Fortune Tellers, Sybils, and Prophets have been around for as long as people. Human nature seeks reassurance, stability, and protection. We desire something to rely on, something to believe in. 

Being able to understand the language of the Universe is a subtle art. Oracles can be within people, things, nature, or experiences. Numerology, Symbolism, Synchronicity are all methodologies to understand the messages sent to us through the chaos of space and time. The Oracle allows the Universe to speak to you through the language of your choosing. Use OHM’s ORACLE to decipher the language of the universe and let it speak to you directly. 

Let the spin of the wheel of fortune determine your fate. One side of OHM’s ORACLE shows twelve roman numerals. They can symbolize 12 hours, 12 months, 12 zodiac, 12 moons, or any number of things. The flip side has 12 symbols for you to interpret and assign meaning yourself. What will you see in your Oracle?

Each face spins. There is a cut-out in the spinner to view which number or symbol it lands on. One face features 12 roman numerals as it were a clock face, the other face has 12 randomized simple symbols. These symbols can be either interpreted on the fly, or pre-assigned meanings or ideas.

The idea is that it can be used as an oracle to help guide you in your day and in your life. Similar to OHM TAROT CARDS or CHI CHI STICKS 2.0.

It’s the month to celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. and OHM let loose another turkey design called AT LEAST I’M WARM! He is too funny!

As the festive Holiday season begins again each year, the sunny beaches of summer are a distant memory, the colored leaves of Autumn have fallen and been raked away, and the first icy breaths of winter have now frosted the window panes of the warm homes where we huddle. Some folks dread this wintry transition ‘cuz their bodies just can’t seem to get warm enough: cold red noses, icy cold toes and fingertips, shivering bodies that tremble with bone-deep chill even under layers of thick blankets and down comforters. Our little OHM turkey is wrapped in his own covering of feathery down, yet he too shivers in the November wind and he is glad to be invited indoors for the Thanksgiving feast. In fact, he is the featured guest of the Holiday meal. As the flames lick the huge iron pot and the water boils and bubbles with steam, the turkey sighs with contentment, “At least I’m WARM!” Maybe you can identify with that sentiment. This bead is for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from OHM HQ!

This is such a sweet bead: LISTEN TO LOVE!
Nurses are the backbone of any health organization. They do what needs to be done. They continually give and give no matter what while caring for those that need it most. They help, they heal, and they love.

Gluing our society together are the helpers ever searching for those in need all whilst having needs of their own. Look for the helpers and listen for what they need. Listen to those that give love and send it right back. Listen for the love that the universe is sending you through those giving souls all around you. Now, send it back out to whoever needs it most.

Give love to the health care provider in your life. Say thank you.

A beautiful glass bead called VICTORIANA.

Victoriana is the love and collection of all things authentically Victorian. Our new Victoriana glass bead is beautifully nuanced in subtle shades of color — like layers of creamy ivory, snowy lace, and iridescent shell — touched with a pearlesque floral accent that calls to mind the elegance of a romanticized era of English high society. Your imagination might carry you to a summer garden and High Tea with rich Devonshire cream and buttered scones and the equally delicious gossip of your fashionable Victorian friends. Or, perhaps, you are sitting in the soft light of a Tiffany lamp gazing out the delicate lace curtains at a playful game of croquet as you pen your morning correspondence to a secret admirer in an era when mail was delivered seven times a day, and you changed your exquisite dresses at least three times daily, including formal dress for dinner.

Whether it’s an ivory cameo at your lace-draped throat, pearl buttons on your silk bodice or a stroll in the Sunday park with your lace parasol for shade, our Victoriana bead on your bracelet will conjure an era of elegant romance. You might even hear the distant lilt of a glorious waltz in a whirl of candlelight as you dance with that handsome Mr. Rochester at the social ball of the season. You never know. Victoriana is a powerful and beautiful thing.

This glass bead is very special, MOVEMBER: 11% of proceeds from sales of this bead from Nov 1 to Nov 30 will be donated to Testicular Cancer research!
November, how about Movember! This is traditionally when those moes who can grow a mustache do so to highlight the men’s health concerns like cancer (testicular and prostate) as well as mental health.

A wonderfull collection with a space feeling: OUT THERE!

The truth is out there. Diving deep or flying high you have to keep searching and stay engaged. 

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols, as well as their interpretations. The ability to communicate an idea is nearly impossible. It is honestly magic that we do do it. When you are studied in stories, words, symbols, tropes, references, memes, gifs, emojis, etc., communication becomes possible. The sharing of knowledge fuels our species and allows us to reach for the stars.

Sirius, the Dog Star, shines brightly in the deep blue sky from across the galaxy, over two and a half parsecs away. It shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, depending on which moment you choose to look. Schrödinger’s star can be all the colors at once in your mind’s eye. 

A harbinger of the flood, when you spot Sirius it is time to make a wish, to tap into hope, and to speak your truth no matter how hard. Flood can be literal, or figurative. All that to say, an abundance is going to flow into your life. Of what? We could not say. 

Those that can read the signs can foretell the future. With an understanding of symbols, the simplest of ideas can be conveyed. And the slightest change of context can completely transform the translation. But with a little effort, we can fight through and understand each other across the vast expanse of the galaxy, err, Internet™ … Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. 

A SIRIUS WISH showcases the dark night sky where a million billion pricks of light beam down to remind us to make a wish.

DEEP BLUE features a dichroic shimmer perfect to symbolize the ocean below or the vastness of space above.

GALAXY sparkles with the ever-changing radiance of possibilities.

I love yellow glass and this collection called LEMON is so juicy! Who doesn’t love the sharp, clean smell or zesty taste of lemon? It is sunshine in your mouth. Lemons first grown in ancient India and China were soon loved by the Romans, Persians, and Egyptians. We love lemon cookies and pies, lemon tea, lemon marmalade, lemon pepper fish, ice-cold lemonade, or a zippy lemon twist in our favorite cocktail. In celebration of all things wonderfully lemon, OHM proudly presents this flavorful new assortment of bright, lemony glass beads: each one adding brilliance to your bracelet and a hearty spoonful of another favorite dessert.
LEMON MERINGUE TART Lemon custard desserts have been enjoyed since Medieval times, but meringue wasn’t perfected until the 17th century. As the meringue bakes, air bubbles trapped inside the protein of the egg white expand and swell until the meringue is like eating a fluffy cloud. Nestle that gorgeous airy meringue on a rich custard filling, and you have our new Lemon Meringue glass bead which looks so creamy and delectable you’ll be tempted to eat it. Disclaimer: Do not eat your beads.
LEMON COCONUT BLISS Skip the dairy with OHM’s Coconut Bliss, a yummy lemony dessert. We call it “Coconut Bliss” after the delicious vegan ice cream of the same name. Since vegans abstain from all animal products — meat, eggs, milk, butter, cheese — this tasty concoction is completely plant-based: naturally rich with coconut milk, sweetened agave syrup, and piquant lemon. Our Coconut Bliss bead is likewise bright with lemon and decadent with sprinkles of coconut. It may be vegan, but remember what we said, do NOT eat your beads!
LEMON DROP SORBET From sorbet in French, a refreshing drink made from “sherbet powders” of dried fruit, flowers, and lemon, mixed with sugar. Eventually, in the USA, “sorbet” became defined as crushed ice sweetened with flavoring — fruit puree, wine, liqueur, syrup, or honey — while “sherbet” contained added dairy. Nothing quite thrills and chills the palate like an icy Lemon Sorbet on a warm summer day, and nothing will refresh your bracelet like our new Lemon Sorbet glass bead. Feel the goosebumps?
LEMON JELLY ROLL The Jelly Roll, a rolled sponge cake with creamy filling, is loved throughout the world with some delightful regional twists. In Japan, for example, roll cakes are filled with whipped cream and fruit, yum strawberries! In Italy, roll cakes are filled with ricotta cheese and marzipan. Molto bene! In the UK, these moist, sweet slices of roll cake are popular at teatime and lemon is a favorite; like our new OHM Lemon Jelly Roll glass bead. See the luscious layers of cake and lemon filling? Or is it lemon cake with cream filling? It’s tea time every day, all day!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
ODETTE, a limited edition, only 111 are made!
Note, a Special Release Date: NOVEMBER 8th at 6PM GMT!

This bead design is truly of magical proportions, entwining beauty and hidden meaning within her form. Inspired by the story ‘Swan Lake’ which is a timeless captivating love story about magical Swans.
Odette is a beautiful Swan Princess who under the spell of a sorcerer, spends her days as a Swan swimming on a lake of tears and her nights in her beautiful human form.
Wear a little piece of magic that holds a little slice of English charm designed to spread love, hope and remind you of calmness within today’s busy world.
Exclusively illustrated and designed by British designer Rebecca Cresswell

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
REGIONAL Exclusives
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

gorgeous orange glass bead called NAM SOM This design is exclusive to OHM in Thailand. NAM meaning water and SOM meaning orange.

RAINBOW EUCALYPTUS Exclusive for OHM Australia! A limited edtion, only 222 beads are made!

Special Release Date: October 25th at 8AM Gold Coast Time!

The Eucalyptus tree is another unique native of Australia like the kangaroo, koala bear, platypus, and wombat. The Eucalyptus can vary in size from a shrub to a towering tall tree. Every part of the tree is useful to Australian life. The short uniform fibers and low coarseness of the wood make especially fine paper. The tree trunks, hollowed out by termites, are carefully selected for their sound to make the Australian Aboriginal musical instrument, the didgeridoo.

However, it’s the Eucalyptus leaves, covered with oil glands, that produce the widest assortment of products. Eucalyptus oil contains compounds that are a powerful natural disinfectant and can be toxic in large quantities; yet some animals, like the koala and possum, are tolerant of this toxin and dine on Eucalyptus leaves like a tasty salad. Humans convert this oil into industrial cleaners and antiseptics, or, in very small quantities, into cough drops, toothpaste, decongestants, or insect repellent. Eucalyptus oil is highly flammable, and trees ignited by wildfires have been known to explode, but this resilient tree has adapted to forest fires and its seeds immediately resprout.

Our beautiful OHM Rainbow Eucalyptus glass bead is a dazzling mix of colors and influences too. You can see the creamy oils swirling through the fragrant leaves and rich, fine wood. And like the amazing tree itself, our Eucalyptus bead can provide so many options for enhancing and flavoring your bracelet. It’s also symbolic of your own resilience to life’s wildfires. You are very special to all those who depend upon your varied talents. Your heart sings its own unique musical score deep within.

Yes, you’re pretty amazing too.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
RETAILER Exclusives
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

IMAGINE, exclusive for The Art Oblivion, a limited edition of 393 beads!

There is no life I know; To compare with pure imagination
Living there you’ll be free; If you truly wish to be
— Anthony Newley / Leslie Bricusse

Imagination is “”the ability to form a picture in our minds of something that we have not seen or experienced; the ability to think of new things.”” As children, there are many things we have not seen, and we are graced with the ability to form vivid realities in our minds. Balloons become animals, cars fly, Willy Wonka’s job at the chocolate factory is a completely and totally valid profession, and the good people always win. That is until we are taught to “be practical,” and forget that anything we can imagine is possible. 

As adults, our imagination doesn’t reach as far. Our ability to think of and picture new and amazing things is hindered by what we’ve been told – and come to believe is “impossible.” Rather than creatively playing with the infinite everything which unveils unintentional paths to possibility, we settle for a status quo. 

Imagine what humanity would have been like if Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, or Alan Turing had settled for the status quo! When we set foot on the course of possibility, using curiosity as our compass, we may not manifest exactly what we imagined, but new possibilities we never fathomed come to light. 

IMAGINE invites us to lay on our backs, look up at the sky, and allow the stories of the sky to unfold. Let your mind open to the STREAM of your own imagination.

IMAGINE invites us to open to the magic in the mundane, the simple yet profound messages happening all around us when we ALLOW…

Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
— Lewis Carroll

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NOVEMBER Retirements
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Effective November 1st the following items will be retired:

And that is the release for the month of November! So many gorgeous beads to choose from, wich ones are going on your whishlist?

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