OHM December release preview

And we are on the last preview of 2019 already! What an OHM year we’ve had! The December collection is huge and the release date is November 27!

Kicking off with Bead of the Month December no. 55 Bottomless! A cute piggy meditating! A limited edition of 555 beads.

It’s a little bit funny. The feeling inside when the bottom drops out. When you feel adrift without purpose, without a goal. How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world.

To live is a magical thing, isn’t it? Every life you touch and every breath you take moves your story forward, and as we walk our paths, eating and traveling, we are reminded with each exhale to stay in the moment.

Empty your mind. Empty your self of ego, of judgment, of excess. Let the bottom fall out from under you. Let go of any expectations. Let go of any idea about continuity. Let go of your opinions on beauty, freedom, truth, or love. Allow yourself to feel your mind and body float in space and time. The well of wishes is bottomless so keep tossing them in.

In the series Big Bead Quarterly (BBQ) this is no. 10, a beautiful Bird Cage! The door opens! Pefect for you to store some beads in. On the door is a lock that bends open. It is similar to the Chunky bracelet, so do be aware. Do not bend it too far, too fast, or too often as the silver will wear. Should we make more tiny locks like this?

But how does the bird feel being caged?

Birds were caged for their beauty and mystery nearly four centuries ago in ancient Egypt. Doves and parrots were favorites of the Egyptians. The Mynah bird was considered sacred in ancient India, and the Alexandrine parakeet as named for Alexander the Great who was given a parakeet by one of his generals. Birds were much beloved pets in the colonial America and by the Victorian age, the decorative, gilded birdcage was an important status symbol in any wealthy parlor across the globe.

The great American poet, Maya Angelou, titled her first autobiography after a line from a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.” The key lines from Dunbar’s poem read, “I know why the caged bird sings, ah me; when his wing is bruised and his bosom sore, when he beats his bars and would be free; it is not a carol of joy or glee, but a prayer that he sends from his heart’s deep core…”

And so, our OHM birdcage has answered that prayer and though the door is still padlocked, the bars are split wide open, the cage is empty, and the bird has flown free. Even if the little bird was well-fed and much loved — its feathers stroked and its songs much appreciated — nonetheless, the bird was a captive for another’s pleasure. It needed to fly free and be true to itself. Wear the birdcage as a fierce symbol. You too will not be held captive to another’s expectations. You are not a pretty pet. Fly free little bird. It is your destiny and your right.

This is Year fo the Rat! Start the celebration early. The 12 year cycle is almost over and we are going to start the next one on the right track.

What a cutie! The Year of the Rat ranks first on the Chinese zodiac signs. According to an ancient Chinese folktale, the Jade Emperor decreed that the years on the calendar would be named for each animal. The order will be determined in the order they cross the river and arrived at his palace. The Tiger and the Rat were poor swimmers so they decided to cross the river on the back of the Ox. Just as they reached the other side, the Rat pushed the Tiger into the river, jumped off the Ox, and dashed to the Emperor to be named first on the Zodiac calendar. The Ox came in second, then the Tiger and so on (rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog) and finally the slow-going Pig came in last. 2020 marks the rejuvenation of the calendar as we cycle though to the Metal Rat. Every 12 years is a new base element.

Our Rat is very cute; but watch out, they are a trickster! Rats are known for intelligence, resourcefulness, and shrewd sensibilities.

Year of the Rat: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032

This cute little snowman is called Snow Angel!

The first snowflakes drifting from the chilly sky being met with the wide smiles of children of all ages spilling from the houses ready to build snow forts and snowballs, with sleds and toboggans soaring down the hillsides between newly christened friends with their magic hats.

Those who built a frosty friend may be worried that he will melt as the weather turns warmer, however this SNOW ANGEL will also not melt on your bracelet. He has a magic top hat (which Santa assures us means he will not melt), a carrot nose, and bits of coal for a wide, happy smile. But you may have noticed that there is a halo upon that top hat and a tiny pair of wings fluttering from his frosty back. This snow angel is sure to fly to your side whenever you need a friend, year after year.

We invite you to add our adorable little OHM Snow Angel to your bracelet to remind you of all your favorite winter memories: tasting snowflakes on your tongue (and hot cocoa afterwards), ice skating, skiing, or snow boarding, and of course flopping into that cold, powdery white stuff to flap your arms and legs and make your own snow angel. Perhaps ours is a guardian Snow Angel. A little extra protection is always reassuring.

This Step Up is so brilliant! Articulating. Open it up to wear, or close it down for storage. With so many holes there are quite a few ways to wear it.

Step up to reach a higher plane. For over 10,000 years people have been using ladders. A Mesolithic rock painting in Spain shows two men using a long flexible ladder to gather wild honey from a bees nest in a tree. During the early part of the 19th century the folding ladder we know today was invented. Whether you are trying to reach that impossible shelf or hanging the lights on the Christmas tree, the ladder has become an indispensable household tool.

The phrase step up has likewise become an integral tool for expressing a variety of ideas. When you want someone to go faster or to work more efficiently it’s time to step up the pace. When you need someone to take charge or show courage, it’s time for them to step up. When someone advances in life, we often say that they’ve moved a step up.

The OHM step ladder STEP UP is a tribute to all times you’ve had to step up to get things done. And for all the challenges ahead that will require you to unfold your A-game and step up with courage, determination, persistence, and efficiency.

You’ve got this! You CAN handle any task or situation. And thanks to Mr. John H. Balsley’s clever invention, you can unfold the tools you need in the moment and then tuck your courage safely and neatly away until you need it again. Let this ladder on your bracelet or neckless remind you daily: you’ve got what it takes to STEP UP.

This beautiful glass is called Milky!

One exception to the hot drink rule for winter has to be ice cold milk, enjoyed in front of a roaring fire with a cookie or two. Rumored to be the preferred midnight snack of Santa Claus himself, we couldn’t neglect it among our favorite winter drinks. A reimagining of previous wintery white designs from OHM’s past. These swirls could be the perfect addition to your fresh coffee or tea.

This is Fogberry! A design like Strawberry, Lemon and the orange glass!

The winter greys are rolling in. Embrace the stillness of the season by embracing the full array of greyscale. Winter is a time to chill out under a blanket by the fire. Read a good book while the fog rolls by the window outside. This time of year is all about hibernating and recuperating from the craziness of the year past. It’s time to rest before the spring planting. You are safe. You are warm. Everything will be ok.

Another collection of Slim glass this winter!

Bark! Take a bite! Peppermint bark can revive the joys in our hearts reminding us of the winter season sugar rush. The spices from the year’s harvest are tied to the familial relations of cold weather gatherings. #sugarhigh

Cast! An overcast sky can be an ominous sign of disaster to come, but it can also mean you are about to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Citrus in the winter is good luck, crack open an orange and chill out as the sky streams by. #thinkpositive

Fog! Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect us all, especially when the grey foggy days turn into weeks and months. Put up some shiny decor and remind yourself, the Sun is just around the bend. #warmthoughts

Snow! Prepare your soul to hibernate. We all need a moment of quiet silence to reground and meditate. Just make sure you have plenty of supplies (for cookies) before you get snowed in. #selfcare

Wisp! Exhale and watch the wisps dance in front of you on their way into the sky. It may be cold, but our bodies keep burning inside. Light a candle, stock the fire, and feel your hearts push us all forward with each breath. #huffandpuff

This is the first of three beads in the Glitter Glass Collection! Sky Guild! We are all sky-children. Birthed from stardust to soar together through space on the solar winds. Gold foil sails forged in the heart of a million suns highlight this design.

The second bead is Nouveau! Change is afoot and it is time for something new. From the industrial revolution to the space age, and the internet boom our society is forever evolving.

And the third bead is Spark of Life! At the core of every star in the spark of possibility as atoms fuse together in a myriad of forms and prepares for life to form. From the spark through to fruition life always finds a way!

First bead in the Spa Collection is Presure Point! Finding the right spot to apply pressure can be harder said than done. The only way to get it right is to start poking around. Start with a light touch and read the energy, and before you know it you will discover the point.

And the second bead is Released Tension! Breathe in delight and breathe out worry. Stress and tension live between the fibers of our being. The anxiety is buried inside and this is your chance to let it go. Let go of those concerns that you cannot control. Let go of distress. Let go of shame. Let go of regret. Release it all from your body. Let go and OHM.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Star Lock is exclusive for OHM in Taiwan! You are made of star dust, as is everyone and everything around you. Snap into place on the cosmic lattice of life with our OHM STAR LOCK. Fix yourself on the chain and at this moment in time. Let yourself feel the unshakeable effort of the universe pushing you forward through the greatest adventure every known.

This lock fits the classic OHM Snap Bracelet as well as the Plain, Twisted, and C-Bangle series.

Library is a spacer bead that consists of two seperate books and a two books together. This is also a Taiwan exclusive! A book is a journey. Through a thousand pages you can visit a thousand worlds, a thousands friends, or a thousand enemies. Each word printed is someone reaching from the past into your present to touch your mind. A collection of books is a collection of connections to the souls of this world.

From banned books and ideas, to universal truths, and trope filled mindless drivel the library is filled with the hopes and dreams of a thousand years and more telling the story of humanity.

When you turn the page, what will you find? When you start a new chapter of your life, what will you write? When you crack the spine of a freshly printed manuscript, how will you let it heal you?

This gorgeous glass is called December Lights! Let the shining lights of the season be ever present in your year. The glittering effervescence of DECEMBER LIGHTS is meant to evoke a time of family and coming together in beautiful community. Exclusive to OHM in Thailand.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

PROJECT OHMistry Releases

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

My home is my stronghold. I need a place to feel safe and protected. We all need a place like this. It could be a home, a school, a community, or a person. Somewhere where we can hide from all the problems of living. The strong walls of the fortress can not be breached by the evil outside; There is no place like home.

Design by Elena Zaytseva Special Release Date:

December 6th at 9PM MOSCOW time!

“Dreaming since childhood, I was an imaginative and creative child. My dad instilled in me a love for history and good books. My mother taught me to create new things and to believe in myself. As an adult, I express my individuality through creativity. I embroider, write poetry, really love animals, and of course, beads, which give me a sense of calm and nonchalant joy.” — Elena Zaytseva

Elena has been actively involved with OHM’s creative process contacting us with inspired ideas, sketches, and concepts on her own. When we first launched Project OHMistry and were looking for artists we invited her to participate, even though she was not an established artist as her career. She has a heart and passion for what she was creating and for what we do at OHM. Elena proposed to us with a sketch of a castle she thought would be a good addition to anyone’s bead collection who believes in magic and fairytales.

In Russian, there is a very famous saying “My home is my stronghold.” and this bead really resonated with what we at OHM think of home. The original sketch included a gnome outline on the bottom of the bead, but it was too small to interpret and together we decided to scratch the idea and create the spiral staircase. We hope you feel as strong, protected, and at home in OHMily.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

DECEMBER Retirements

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Effective November 27th the following items will be retired:








And that was the last OHM release of this year, in just one word WOW! My wishlist is going through the roof!

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  1. Again there are some lovely glass beads in this release, which is great. Definitely like the library spacer bead. Is it going to be available all the time?


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