Bead the Winter Blues

For me and I think for a lot of you this is a difficult time of year! Christmas and all the pretty lights are long gone and Spring takes for ever to get here! So a little beadplay can help to lighten the mood!

I started a blue bracelet some years ago and I wrote a post about it. Here is a little recap.

My first blue beads were Pandora! Two gorgeous Ribbon muranos, the two September Birthday Blooms: Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire (my birth stones!) And the limited Blue Primrose Path. This was made for a chain of department stores in Germany years ago, I believe is was Galeria Kaufhof.

I added my winter themed beads and began to design a bracelet.

I bought Sugar Sleigh Ride and the gorgeous Rococo! This was four years ago!

My first Winter Blues bracelet back in 2016! With OHM Turkey Platter, Same But Eaten and Deadhead; Pandora Snowflake dangle, Black Friday Snowflake, Topaz Cabochon, Seaglass murano, Penguin, Wanda’s Garden spacer and two clips.

But the next year I had to rearrange my Winter Blues bracelet after I removed the Halloween themed beads to make a Haloween bracelet.

My husband got me two gorgeous glass beads from Belgium. They are Murano from Italy. (Earrings from a Seattle glass artist)

This winter/Christmas stack was my favourite that winter! OHM Sugar Sleigh Rides, Meteorite and Ice and the cute Red Bali Frog Tomte. I took Trollbeads Winter I bought in Copenhagen and Rodium Stellar Star from Story by Kranz & Ziegler. And the OHM snowflake I got for this Christmas/winter stack.

I was over the moon when I found this long retired limited edition OHM bead made by an American artist called Winter Frost, perfect!

I wanted a Snowman to complete the bracelet, but he did not show up in time for this photoshoot! So OHM Gnome kindly offered to step in. But he got so cold I made him a scarf to stay warm!

Gorgeous blues and a theme to make my blood pump!

One year on and I replaced OHM Gnome with the amazing You Melt Me! He has three drops that dangle, he is one of my favourite OHM beads, so clever!

Found another blue OHM from the same American artist Blueberry Pie!

And after I got a second OHM Blue Sol and a second Pandora Blue Primrose Path I added them to the bracelet!

The very last change I made is when I bought the stunning Truebeadz Black Friday glass beads! They have a matt surface with snowflakes etched on them!

So gorgeous!

More up close and personal with some of the beautiful and gorgeous beads!

Stacked with my OHM New Year’s bracelet!

To finish a couple of bracelets that are made for this time of year, Valentines Day is almost here!

But I hope Spring is not long now!

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