Resist, Unveil, Humor, In Flow, In Process by OHM and The Art Oblivion

The Art Oblivion is an Oregon based artist making art to connect with your most deep and important inner self, to support, motivate and cherish your actions and compassion towards yourself and all living things. This is my second blog post about the exciting work of The Art Oblivion, check out my other post here

In cooperation with OHM The Art Oblivion released another great collection of three glass beads and under it’s own flag two silver barrel beads!

Resist is the first OHM bead and is a deep yellow glass base with creamy and mellow yellow scales wrapping around the glass.

The Art Oblivion let the beads be accompanied by beautiful motivating and uplifting tales. This is the story to go with Resist!

In Star Trek, there is a society called The Borg who state “resistance is futile” as they assimilate whole cultures of people into their collective. The Federation in this series not only resists, but prevails, with increased strength and resolve from the other side. 

We are at an important time in humanity. Let us double down on our own resistance, less we become unconsciously assimilated into a dominating culture that would erase our communities, our families, and our individual rich uniqueness. 

Often it is not easy, we must actively work to deprogram aspects of ourselves that have become familiar and comfortable. There is often loss in that. However, significant rewards for doing this work are the unfathomable and unshakable knowing of our most pure and true selves. 

I offer you RESIST, as a visual reminder and talisman to support you as you move through your day; There are key moments in life where it is important not to be polite, not to go with the flow, to USE your voice, to stand your ground, and RESIST. Complacency is collusion, now is your time to be the change you want to see in this world.

The second OHM glass is Unveil. A cream based glass with brown/beige spots and the most gorgeous silver glittering flecks that make the bead shimmer and shine! Here is the story to go with Unveil!

We are all so very brave. 

Choosing to say yes to life is an incredible act of bravery, and choosing to put ourselves out there in our unique self-expression is an additional layer of courage. 

Every day we get to choose what we reveal, and stepping into the dance where we shed layer after layer of our veils is the deliciously tantalizing spice of life! 

I offer UNVEIL as a visual reminder and talisman to support us in appreciating the bravery we have already shown through offering our unique self-expression, and as an invitation to reveal other essential aspects of our beings when we are ready. There is so much to learn about ourselves, and the world around us, when we UNVEIL ourselves. Life changes in unexpected and furthering ways the more we show ourselves in our unveiled naked power and vulnerability. Prepare to be surprised! 

The third OHM glass is called Humor! The colour is a custard yellow base with small beige/orange patches of gorgeous shimmer! This reminds me of creme brûlée, delicious! Here is the story that goes with Humor!

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? The kind that makes your abdominal muscles work and takes your breath away? Maybe even eliciting an uncontrollable snort?

Consider me a cosmic doctor writing you a prescription to cure what ails you, and that prescription is HUMOR!

You may not be able to remember the last time you had that belly laugh, but I bet you can remember that last time you took yourself too seriously. It might be happening right now. There is a tension within each of us to do things WELL, to do things right, to be the best, to know better. We are all children learning throughout the course of a lifetime, it never stops, and if we can view our own oopsies, mistakes, fails, falls, and errors with curiosity rather than judgment, we open ourselves to the HUMOR of life’s comedy and find laughter as the medicine we all so desperately need. 

I offer HUMOR as a visual reminder and talisman to support us in letting go of taking ourselves too seriously. The sparkles in that glass are there to shine a light on our place in the divine landscape, we are all shining stardust, connected and perfectly imperfect. We are only on this planet for a limited time. When we depart, may we all be able to say we laughed all of our laughter while we still could. 

Our bodies are deep oceans, carrying abundant life and stories that coexist and make us what we are. 

When we move with the flow of life within us, and use that life force to engage with the world around us, we become part of all Life, we are “In Flow”.

This is not a passive process. There are many distractions that pull us out of flow when we are not mindful. I offer The Art Oblivion’s first silver bead, our first solo bead, as a talisman and physical reminder to remain “In Flow”

Our nervous systems are constantly being influenced by the waves around us. Mechanical and electromagnetic waves are ceaselessly present. Between the Ocean wave cut-outs on this bead are ACTUAL soundwave affirmations sent from my voice to your heart as an offering to soothe your personal daily vibration and keep you “In Flow.” They listed here as invitations. 

I invite you to be “right here, right now.”

I invite you into the process of “letting go, letting in.”

I invite you to experience “presence and flow.”

The second silver bead by The Art Oblivion is In Process. This bead is made up of plain and some dark scales and is breached here and there to symbolize breaking out of your shell! A very motivating and encouraging design! Here is the story!

We are all “In Process”.

We are all “Becoming”.

We are all breaking through something that contains us. Even if the something that contains us is a nurturing womb or transformative chrysalis, the time always comes for us to emerge and be born anew with an increased wisdom gained through experience. 

The second bead in The Art Oblivion first collection, “In Process” invites us to understand that everything is on its way to somewhere, and is perpetually  “In Process.” What does it feel like to view yourself and others through this lens? We are all struggling with something. We have all overcome great obstacles.

 I offer this bead to serve as a physical reminder and talisman to foster compassion for ourselves and others, and to be present and curious about life’s process rather than being attached to a destination. I offer this bead in support for each one of us to break out of the shell that confines us, bravely stepping into the unknown, trusting ourselves to grow from whatever is on the other side

I made a bangle combining all of them with Billabong on the left, Sugar Dipped in the middle and Lucky Moves and Moving On.

And with the other The Art Oblivion glass beads Persist, Surrender and Flourish I made a bracelet about me with beads that talk to me and give me positive strenght! Silver beads from left to right Venus of Willendorf, Love Grows, Chi Chi Stick, In Flow, In Process, Life’s A Beach, Rotten Heart and Zodiac Libra.

A beautiful bead release that really sends an uplifting and loving message with every bead! I feel so inspired to embrace a more positive mindset, even in these difficult times! Thank you The Art Oblivion and OHM!

All beads are exclusive for The Art Oblivion and can be purchased here:

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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