OHM May release preview

Today we see the preview of the OHM May release on April 30 or otherwise stated!

We kick off with the next OHM Lab project with lab assistant Оксана Петрова. It’s Catfish! Have you heard the legend of the CAT FISH? The mythological CAT FISH — half-cat, half-fish — the feline mermaid.

The story begins long, long ago, a young cat was staring down into a crystal bowl, watching with fascination as many colored fish splashed and swam tantalizingly close to the surface. With a quick dart of its paw, the clever cat snared a slippery fish for their lunch. But this fish was different. It was a magical fish; and as you well know, magical fish can grant wishes when caught, if you agree to let them go. The cat had a tough choice: a savory lunch or a wish.

Suddenly, the wiggling fish caused the cat to lose its balance, and both cat and fish plunged into the pool. Most cats can swim if they have to, but this chasm was too deep and the current pulling down too strong. It looked like our poor kitty would surely drown.

“Since you did not really let me go,” said the magic fish, “I can only grant you half a wish.” The cat was in no position to argue. “Help me!” the cat mewed.

“Your half wish is granted!” said the fish. The cat was instantly transformed. Gills appear along the feline’s neck and a strong tail sprouts where their hindquarters used to be. Half a fish. Half a cat.

To this day, cats dip their paws into the fishbowl, hoping to catch that magic fish again to make their own wishes. And to this day, mother cats warn their kittens not to get too near the water. “Be careful,” they say, “the cat face you see reflected in the water may not be your own.”

Next is Fairy Wren exclusive for OHM Australia! Splendid fairy-wren is a busy yet tiny bird, endemic to eastern Australia, ranging in habitat from South Queensland to South Australia’s region, as well as through Tasmania.

And for OHM Europe come Venetus! We are reminded of the Venician waters weaving the city full of boats. This European Exclusive design features coloring from greens to blues.

Another release for Great Lakes Boutique OHMMyGod 5.0, for a Special Release Event at Spring Bead Bash on the Lake in the beginning of May, so not on April 30!

The next OHMistry project is Kickin’ Peaches by Nichol Orozco. This release is on May 1st! You can find her on:

Nichol is a bead collector who likes to express herself in bracelet designs. You can find the love she has for her daughter, her family, her career, and the bead community on her YouTube and Instagram page. At a young age, she set sights on leaving her small city to focus on her career. She found herself in a top-performing team surrounded by others with similar goals and they dubbed themselves “South Region Ninjas.” While she moved on eventually as that organization morphed into something else, the ninja spirit never left those who once belonged. Kickin’ a$$ and taking names was the name of the game and what she strives for in everything she does.

She currently has a little ninja in training, her daughter Presley, that she includes in her bead collecting shenanigans – including helping her create her box art for her bead.

Nichol believes everyone has an inner ninja. She had always wanted a female ninja bead but never found one. Until now… thanks to a collaboration with OHM Beads she can now introduce KICKIN’ PEACHES – the baddest female ninja out there!

KICKIN’ PEACHES is a state of mind. It is about setting a goal and not letting anything get in your way as you accomplish it at the highest level possible! We are faced with obstacles that want to slow us down. When that happens – get on your ninja suit, put on your game face, and get ready to kick some major peach!

Representing all the bad a$$ women out there that don’t let anything get in their way! KICKIN’ PEACHES reminds us we can learn from and embrace our failures and get back up even stronger.

Whatever goals you set for yourself, no matter how big or small – make sure you are KICKIN’ PEACHES!

The limited-edition release of KICKIN’ PEACHES is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included.

So here they all are, an awesome release with some gorgeous designs to choose from! I am excited, are you?

One thought on “OHM May release preview

  1. Doubles on the glass beads please 😍
    The Fairy Wren is amazing, and I love the story behind the Venetus! Might need a bigger bead budget this month 😂


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