OHM April release preview

Spring is around the corner and OHM treats us to some awesome new designs and fun collections to celebrate Spring! Release date is April 1st!



Our little hipster chipmunk is just nuts about coffee! OHM’s BARISTA BUDDY is so well known at the third-wave forest café that the barista has BB’s favorite single-origin ristretto cortado with microfoam acorn milk — swirled into a mandala — ready and waiting for them before they even park their bike out the window. Now, that’s A Barista, buddy!!

Our OHM hipster would love to chillax for a while, drink from a real cup and saucer, and savor the nutty flavor of his artisan “chipmunkaccino.” Perhaps spinning the lastest trap on Beatrice. Beatrice, that’s the record player’s name.

Are you open to discuss the films of Truffaut and Godar? This nonconformist rodent has places to go and things to do, so, ironically, a disposable traveler’s cup will have to suffice. Nonetheless, rest assured, he will recycle it. Recycling totally like works, right?

Watch as they tip their felt fedora to you, their newest bud. This squirrelly punk, beset in retro glasses and a cashmere scarf, is already dashing down the forest path towards the local farmer’s market for some kimchi tacos, curly kale, PBR, and avocado everything-else. They may even swing by the thrift shop for some vintage flannel, but no skinny jeans for this kid. Better stock up on some pickled acorns; there is a long year of coffee drinking ahead.

Barista Buddies everywhere, this brew’s for you!


A West African proverb says, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” One of our US Presidents famously liked this quote and is often credit for it, but this ancient proverb has deeper symbolism. Can you find it?


Lovers know the thrill of whispers, but speaking softly is powerful in other settings too. As another wise soul once said, “A lion doesn’t need to roar to prove they’re a lion. Even when they purr, the whole jungle knows they are the king.”


Two dragonflies in communion. The clasp is approximately 3cm long. View the bracelet pages to see size options for chains. Can be worn as a bead or pendant depending on your jewelry design.


The EMPEROR PENGUIN is the largest of all the penguin species and is notable for its black head and back, white belly, and bright yellow ear patches. Unfortunately, our OHM penguin never grew beyond short and stout, and so he has developed a complex — an overcompensation, you might say — a somewhat troubling interpretation of the word “emperor.”

Yes, this OHM penguin is fond of wearing a bicorne hat, imperial epaulets, and military tailcoat. He also obsessively slips his flipper inside his waistcoat, perhaps to settle his tummy from an overabundance of fish, or to scratch an itch from wearing an awkward uniform, or to look intimidating and mysterious.

The Emperor is known to stride — waddle — to and fro across his domain — iceberg — barking orders for battle formations at the albatross and seals.

They say he’s a genius: conquered half of Antarctica until one day his port-a-potty fell over into the sea with him inside. That was his Waterloo.

Yet the Emperor is undaunted, and he plots his return to glory from this iceberg exile. For all the unbroken spirits and undeterred heroes that strive every day to rise above the challenge to more incredible achievement — perhaps that means you too — the Emperor Penguin is your inspiration, never to give up.

And size does NOT matter.


We are in this hive together. Let’s work together to make room for everyone to live free. Please survive! Thank you! Bee you, bee OHM.

-ERS locks are designed to fit OHM SKINNY BRACELETS and OHM BANGLE series


We are in this hive together. Let’s work together to make room for everyone to live free. Please survive! Thank you! Bee you, bee OHM.

-ISH stoppers are designed to fit OHM BANGLE series and OHM SKINNY BRACELETS


We are in this hive together. Let’s work together to make room for everyone to live free. Please survive! Thank you! Bee you, bee OHM.

-ITY locks are designed to fit OHM CHUNKY BRACELETS


HUNGRY HIPPOS gobbled up those marbles. Well, this hippo loves to eat too; but they pride themselves on being a true “foodie.” For them, food is recreation; it’s a passionate hobby that feeds the mind, mouth, and soul.

Our gastronome hippo devotedly follows the Food Network on TV and faithfully authors a food blog. They pride themselves on a fully-stocked kitchen with all the latest accouterments, including an immersion blender, churro maker, juicer, and kitchen torch to caramelize his brûlées and brown his meringues. This foodie hippo frequents farmer’s markets for the freshest produce, follows restaurant openings and reviews, enjoys wine tastings and culinary tourism, and has a library of recipes and cookbooks that he’s read a thousand times.

Now they sit eagerly at the table, ready to sample every new creation. Our HUNGRY HIPPO hasn’t even removed the chef’s hat, the napkin is tied neatly in place, and their knife and fork are firmly in hand for the sumptuous feast ahead. Smell the luscious aroma. Ahhhh. See the artistic plating and the balance of ingredients. Oh, this is going to be sooooooo good!

The great chef Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” HUNGRY HIPPO heartily agrees. Many solid friendships are built around a shared table and a love of good food and conversation. Grab a napkin and pull up a chair. It’s hip to share!


As we celebrate Earth Day with this series of beautiful glass beads, carry a walking stick into nature to speak softly to the birds and the bees. Try not to disturb the hushed forest and tender creatures that live there. This bead nestled on your bracelet whispers for you to love and respect our planet and that you are indeed destined to keep growing.


The panda is different from other bears because they don’t eat meat, honey, or berries; their diet is almost exclusively bamboo. Indeed, the average panda eats 20-30 pounds of bamboo shoots and leaves per day. Bamboo shoots have limited nutrients, so our gentle panda lives a quiet life to conserve their energy; though, unlike other bears, they don’t hibernate.

They pretty much eat ALL the time. That means plenty of PANDA SNACKS: more bamboo, of course.

Have you ever eaten something so obsessively that you made yourself sick of it? Pandas never get tired of bamboo. But our OHM panda has learned to build some variety into their restrictive single food source diet: bamboo stir-fry, bamboo dumplings, braised bamboo, steamed bamboo, bamboo wontons, and spring bamboo rolls, sweet-and-sour bamboo, General Zhao bamboo… you get the idea.

A bamboo gourmet!

Our OHM panda is proud of their Chinese heritage too, as you can see by their Mandarin-style hat and Tangzhuang jacket. If you love pandas, Chinese food, or passionately loving anything so MUCH — a song, a movie, a color, a flavor — that you never, ever get tired of it, then our Panda Snack is especially for you. Anywhere, anytime, have another taste.


In celebration of Earth Day, we offer this beautiful glass bead SPEAK SOFTLY. As you admire it on your bracelet, remember all the sweet whispers of our planet, from rustling leaves and trickling water to falling snow, a sigh of breeze, or the hushed endearments of a cherished lover. “Speak softly, love so no one hears us but the sky.” ~ The Godfather.


It is time to spread the wings and feel the freedom of liberation. Let go, give in, take the next step. Are you ready to experience the new you? Your wings were torn in the past, but healing is happening in the present, fueled by future possibilities.

Free your inner self from limitations. Let the gravity of everyday life loosen its grip so you can fly. You are free.


Strength cradled in gentleness will carry our civilization into the future. Remember to communicate with careful wisdom, kindness, and patience, but never stop working to better yourself and those around you. Work hard to create the future this planet and life on it deserves.



Sizes range from 13cm to 20cm. Choose your size using the chart below (similar to the OHM CHUNKY BRACELET sizing).

The chain is similar to the OHM BALL NECKLACE chain. Use an OHM -Y clasp, or an open work bead to create your bracelet closure. A general sizing rule is to subtract 3cm from your typical bracelet size as the POHM -Y clasps are 3cm.

It is recommended to wear only a few beads on this style of bracelet. Augment existing bracelets or jewelry concepts by adding OHM CHAIN pieces.

Take care when opening and closing the OHM S CLASP hooks. Load beads over the small OHM S CLASP hook, attach the clasp of your choice and secure the hook in place. Use the large OHM S CLASP hook to close and open your bracelet to the other end of the clasp.


Sizes range from 13cm to 20cm. Choose your size using the chart below (similar to the OHM CHUNKY BRACELET sizing).

A new style of chain with an approximate thickness comparable to the OHM BANGLE series. Use an OHM -Y clasp, or open work bead to create your bracelet.

It is recommended to wear only a few beads on this style of bracelet. OHM SKINNY BRACELET will fit locks ending with -ERS and stoppers ending with -ISH (slide the stopper slowly over the small OHM S CLASP hook). A general sizing rule is to subtract 3cm from your typical bracelet size as the OHM -Y clasps are 3cm.

Take care when opening and closing the OHM S CLASP hooks. Load beads over the small OHM S CLASP hook, attach the clasp of your choice and secure the hook in place. Use the large OHM S CLASP hook to close and open your bracelet to the other end of the clasp.


GIVE Lab Assistants: Niky Savoia + Daniela Ieppariello

Many people received their first full-orb, full-color view of planet Earth via the spacecraft Apollo 8 and the famous photo taken by astronaut William Anders. There she was, our home planet, blue oceans swirled with white clouds floating delicately in the chilly depths of space.

The concept of caring for our precious planet came to public attention in two essential books. “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau, painting a portrait of unspoiled nature as a peaceful refuge to nourish the soul, and George Perkins Marsh’s “Man and Nature: The Earth Modified by Human Action,” which observed that humanity was exhausting the natural resources of our planet, both published over a hundred years ago!

Today we understand the urgency of protecting and renewing Earth’s disappearing resources. We celebrate Earth Day annually on April 22 with events in 193 countries. Many people also plant trees to mark Arbor Day in April. We encourage everyone to recycle waste, conserve water, protect wildlife and their habitats, and reduce, reuse, recycle!

You can also express your love for Mother Nature and our beautiful Mother Earth with this evocative silver GIVE bead on your bracelet or necklace. There is no I in TREE. A leafy shade tree, where perhaps you have rested, listened to the birdsong as the breeze rustles the leaves, reading a favorite book, having a picnic, or sharing a first kiss. A generous heart is full of love for all things that share our planetary home.

Our Mother Earth has nourished us; now it’s your turn to GIVE back to her with love and appreciation. After all, our beautiful blue orb spinning in space is all we’ve got to call home.

PAWS OF LOVE Lab Assistants: Maria Helena G. Giacomelli + Susy Gamarra

Share and express love and care for all the animals, thinking especially of those who don’t have a home, living on the streets, in colonies or shelters.

Honor the people who take care of our friends (by caring, feeding, or adopting them). Represented all the immediate help that a rescuer/adopter can bring: love, food, medicines, and secure transportation that hopefully will bring them to a warm home.

We all know the power of love that our pets stir in our hearts. You’ve probably seen the many memes that say, “Love is a four-legged word” or “My children have paws.” Those adorable critters sure have a way of wiggling deep into our souls and winning us forever with their wet kisses.

This OHM silver bead called “PAWS OF LOVE” is a little mysterious because it can have many meanings as there are animals. Look closely, and you see a puppy and kitten peeping from the wagon. They have a jar of food and a couple of jars of treats, and a First Aid kit, just in case.

That’s the beauty of so many OHM designs: you can imbue them with your meaning and significance. Perhaps you support an animal rescue group dedicated to pet adoption, so, for you, this bead is a pair of lucky pets winging their way to a new love-filled home. Or maybe it’s the humans who need rescue: so, for you, these are angelic service animals or therapy pets, arriving to provide their furry emotional support. Or maybe your pets are your children so, of course, they go everywhere you go!

Whichever you choose, PAWS OF LOVE will certainly fly delightfully onto your bracelet and deep into your heart.

MEMORIES IN SAND Lab Assistants: Paula Heanly + Clare Wall

The poet Marinela Reka said, “Memories are like antiques; the older they are, the more valuable they become.” Sometimes memories, like those antiques, can get a little faded and dusty, so we seek to keep them vivid with photo albums, diaries, scrapbooks, retold stories, or perhaps a treasured silver bead on your bracelet.

Take this OHM design MEMORIES IN THE SAND as an example. Does it recall for you a favorite day on the beach, perhaps in childhood, running barefoot on the warm sand laughing carefree and full of life?

Is this a memory your pet dreams as it murmurs in its sleep, a dream of running wildly in the sand to fetch the driftwood floating on the surf’s edge, or to watch the seagulls rise in a fluttering, a squawking cloud of feathers?

Or is it YOUR cherished memory of a beloved pet or a recent moment of jogging on the beach with your best friend, watching them gallop gleefully across the sand? Long past or relatively recent, those paw prints in sand are a reminder of joy etched upon your heart.

Add this gleaming memory on your bracelet to touch and fondly relive it whenever you need to see a friendly furry face, big adoring eyes, a wagging tail, and paws leaving a trail for your soul to follow.



MASKED SELF is an April 2020 inspiration from those attending OHM Sweet OHM in Thailand. There is a myriad of colors available as this concept arrives within a sealed OHM pouch.

What you will uncover is your MASKED SELF. It is the self that yearns to be discovered for others to see truly. It is the self that you want to protect. It is the self that does the right thing to protect others. It is the self that hides away. It is the self that yearns for the fresh air.

Let go of the past while holding on to the memories. There is a vast universe between the left and the right. It is one we can explore together, knowing that we are all living within the same shared experience; We may not reach out and touch one another; We can reach further with our senses to feel one another.

When you recognize other’s vulnerabilities, your own deficiencies evaporate. Choose the strength from within yourself to become the best version of yourself. Connect the dots and ask yourself, is there anything I could be doing to help?

Focus on your privilege and be thankful for it. Use it to better yourself and, in turn, better the world. Hone your skills. Maintain your connections. Keep fighting the good fight. DON’T GIVE UP.

You are an ASTRONARGH floating through space on the wave of reality. The HAPPY GRAVE waits for us all in the end. For now, let’s be here, right now.

Due to the nature of blind boxes/blind bags, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on any of the opened items. No exceptions. All sales are final.



Dustberry shares something in common with the elderberry and mulberry: it’s poisonous when unripe, but sweet and edible once it ripens and excellent for making jams, baked goods or the wonderfully subtle DUSTBERRY wine. Embrace patience!


Add color, zest, and delicious LIME flavor to your life! Or at least your bracelet.


A mandarine ORANGE or tangerine is considered a traditional symbol of abundance and good fortune. Celebrate life!



Do you know Snugglepot and Cuddlepie? Many Australians do! They are the Gumnut Babies — tiny naked fantasy creatures wearing gumnut caps — featured in a series of children’s books by May Gibbs in 1918 but still popular today. Their nemesis? The big bad Banksia men, prickly creatures modeled after Australian Banksia cones.

GUMNUTS aren’t nuts; they are the fruit of the Australian Eucalyptus tree.

The flower buds and seeds are enclosed within a sealed capsule. A valve at the tip opens to release the waxy, rod-shaped seeds.

As the spaghetti-like stamens expand, they push outward and split away from the bud cap. Since Eucalyptus flowers have no petals, these beautiful blossoms are a fireworks explosion of stamens in pink, red, cream, white, or yellow.

The remaining cap dries into the wooden-like cluster you have seen most often; which little forest creature needs their very own gumnuts cap?

Eucalyptus is one of the most useful trees in the world: paper, fragrances, fuels, insecticides, cough drops, candy, and the Koala finds its leaves quite tasty!

Because Eucalyptus is so resilient against brush fires, the tree and its fruit have come to symbolize survival, strength, protection, transformation, fertility, and spiritual nourishment. OHM celebrates all of these qualities and more with this beautiful GUMNUTS silver cluster dangling from a bail of Eucalyptus leaves.

Wear it on your bracelet as a symbol of your tremendous usefulness and talent in so many areas. Wear it as a symbol of the seeds you sow in life, the protection and strength you offer, or as a sign of your spiritual transformation. Wear it because The GUMNUTS dangle so brilliantly and catch every sunbeam of glittering light. Or wear it ‘cuz you love chubby little Gumnut Babies.

For all these reasons, you’ll go nuts for OHM Gumnuts!


ICE TEA CUBE is a Thailand Exclusive design glass. Thai tea is a favorite drink of so many!

Thailand is a tropical country. Most people prefer to drink tea with ice rather than hot tea. Originally, Thai tea was brewed from the richly flavored Ceylon tea, imported from abroad. However, the price was relatively high, and the tea leaves are now grown in Thailand with added herbs and spices to increase the aroma and flavor.

Usually brewed with sugar and added ice, though sometimes sweetened further with condensed milk giving it a unique flavor. Thai tea has become a drink preferred by both Thais and foreigners. In 2018, CNN Travel website ranked the 50 most delicious beverages in the world. It appears that Thai tea is ranked 27th.

On a hot day, drink some iced Thai tea, with its beautiful color, sweet taste, and cool quench, keeping thirst at bay. It refreshes you from the heat. In case of emergency, don’t drink the beads.

ICE TEA CUBE บีดแก้วทรงบาเรลสีน้ำตาลใส OHM ออกแบบสร้างสรรค์มาจากชาไทย เครื่องดื่มแก้วโปรดของหลาย ๆ คน กลายเป็นบีด Thailand Exclusive

ประเทศไทยเป็นเมืองร้อน คนส่วนใหญ่นิยมชมชอบดื่มชาแบบใส่น้ำแข็งมากกว่าชาร้อน ต้นตำรับชาไทยแรกเริ่มเดิมทีชงจากชาซีลอนนำเข้าจากต่างประเทศ ซึ่งให้น้ำชาสีน้ำตาลรสเข้มข้น แต่เนื่องจากราคาค่อนข้างสูง จึงนำใบชาที่ปลูกในเมืองไทยมาดัดแปลงเติมสมุนไพรเครื่องเทศเพิ่มความหอม แล้วนำมาชงใส่น้ำตาล เติมน้ำแข็ง เรียกว่า ชาดำเย็น ถ้าเพิ่มนมข้นหวาน และนมสดลงไป เรียกว่า ชาเย็น ด้วยรสชาติอันเป็นเอกลักษณ์เฉพาะตัว ชาไทยกลายเป็นเครื่องดื่มที่ถูกปากถูกใจทั้งชาวไทย และชาวต่างชาติ จนปี 2018 เว็บไซต์ CNN Travel จัดอันดับ 50 เครื่องดื่มที่อร่อยที่สุดในโลก ปรากฏว่าชาไทยติดอันดับที่ 27

วันที่อากาศร้อน ดื่มชาไทยสีสวยรสหวานละมุนเย็นเจี๊ยบ ช่วยดับกระหายชื่นใจคลายร้อน ถ้าในวันที่มีเรื่องร้อนรน ใส่บีดแก้วชาไทยก็ช่วยให้เย็นใจ ลดอุณหภูมิความร้อนแรงของสิ่งต่าง ๆ ที่เข้ามากระทบได้เหมือนกัน

So this is the entire April release! I think there will be something for everyone! Happy Spring!!

2 thoughts on “OHM April release preview

  1. With the previews I post the stories that goes with the beads from OHM. With Delecate Flower the story OHM provided is this: Lovers know the thrill of whispers, but speaking softly is powerful in other settings too. As another wise soul once said, “A lion doesn’t need to roar to prove they’re a lion. Even when they purr, the whole jungle knows they are the king.”


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