OHM Masked Self, Skinny & Chain bracelet

This Thursday April 1st is the lauch of a big OHM April release! I am taking a closer look at Masked Self and two new bracelet designs!

Masked Self is a blind bag release, there are a variety of different colours as seen in this picture by OHM.

And here is the Masked Self that came out of my blind bag! Interesting!

Masked Self is an April 2020 inspiration from those attending OHM Sweet OHM in Thailand.

This release gives two new bracelet designs: Skinny bracelet (top) and Chain bracelet (bottom)!

Sizes for both bracelets range from 13cm to 20cm. There will be a size guide at OHMbeads.com simular with Chunky bracelet.

The Skinny bracelet is a new style of chain with an approximate thickness comparable to the OHM bangle series. Use an OHM -Y clasp, or open work bead to create your bracelet.

It is recommended to wear only a few beads on this style of bracelet. OHM Skinny bracelet will fit locks ending with -ERS and stoppers ending with -ISH (slide the stopper slowly over the small OHM S CLASP hook). A general sizing rule is to subtract 3cm from your typical bracelet size as the OHM -Y clasps are 3cm.

The Chain of the chain bracelet is similar to the OHM Ball neclace chain. Use an OHM -Y clasp, or an open work bead to create your bracelet closure. A general sizing rule is to subtract 3cm from your typical bracelet size as the POHM -Y clasps are 3cm.

It is recommended to wear only a few beads on this style of bracelet. Augment existing bracelets or jewelry concepts by adding OHM CHAIN pieces.

Take care when opening and closing the OHM S CLASP hooks. Load beads over the small OHM S CLASP hook, attach the clasp of your choice and secure the hook in place. Use the large OHM S CLASP hook to close and open your bracelet to the other end of the clasp.

Here I am wearing them with the -Y clasps Octopus-y and the new Dragonfly-y from the Park collection releasing this April. This shows how nice and snug the bracelets fit my wrist with hardly room for beads, only showing off the beautiful clasps! There would be room for one or two beads.

My tip is to use the OHM WHO clasp when you want to put beads on the bracelet. With the next bracelet designs I used the Skinny bracelet with OHM WHO clasp.

The colour of my Masked Self let me make a black bracelet, for the mask for me is primarily associated with Covid! With a ancient black glass, Rolled Over Slim, Masked Self, Key Slim and Dark Shadows 2e.

Your put on a mask when you are hiding your inner dialogue! On this bracelet I used the new Hive-ish stopper from the Park collection, WFT?, Confetti Upchuck, Masked Self, Confettie Upchuck, $H1T and the new Hive-ers lock from the Park collection coming this April.

A comparison with Inner Self.

How much of yourself do you reveil to others? Even the ones closest to you may be not aware of your pain or fear? You put on a mask to look happy? A bracelet with Love Hurts, OhmMyGod, Masked Self, Venus of Willendorf and Love Hurts.

And to finish a bracelet of Thingies! The glass of Masked Self matches the glass of this bracelet perfectly and the mask is also a thingy!

I love the two new bracelet designs! Great for stacking and showing off the beautiful clasps OHM has in the collection! And Masked Self is a very intriguing bead with so many different possibilities! If you love a surpise you must like this release a lot! I love how this bead chooses you and chalanges you to make beautiful and meaningfull bracelet designs!

Masked Self and the new bracelets can be pre-ordered at your OHM retailer and will be available from April 1st.

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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