OHM May release preview

Another preview day and this month it’s short but sweet! Release date is April 30!

The only release this month is an Australian exclusive called Quokka!

Our little OHM Quokka is too cute! Mama and her Joey have adapted well to their interaction with humans. Joey has learned to throw a boomerang so perfectly that it returns to his tiny paw without him leaving the cozy confines of the warm pouch. Mama has let her social media celebrity go to her head, and she now enjoys smiling and posing for her smartphone on a selfie stick, posting to her many followers worldwide. Of course, she will happily take a quick QUOKKA selfie with you!

Recently #QUOKKAselfie exploded in popularity on the Internet. Tourists and celebrities flock to Australia’s southwest corner — especially to Rottnest Island — to have their photo taken with “the world’s happiest animals.” Quokkas look kinda like a miniature kangaroo crossed with a field mouse, and their bright eyes and goofy grins peer into the camera so adorably that some people have wondered if the Quokka was simply too cute to be real.

But the Quokka is indeed a real native of the land “Down Under,” and Mama Quokka carries her baby Joey in a pouch similar to her marsupial cousins, the kangaroo and wallaby. The Quokka is a nocturnal vegetarian who prefers to sleep all day within the prickly acanthocarpus bush’s protective spikes and then feed and play all night, climbing trees and chewing their cud like the cow. Australian animals are genuinely unique!

Add our QUOKKA to your bracelet, and your heart will feel immediately lighter with “the world’s happiest animals” grinning and posing for snapshots on your wrist. Catch enough “likes” and reposts, and she might even make you famous!


That’s it! What a cutie, another great addition to the Australian collection! I love that with the beautiful beads I also learn about the beautiful nature of this gorgeous continent!

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