OHM Memories In Sand & Paws Of Love

This month OHM released two OHM Lab designs, both with an adorable pet theme!

This is Memories In Sand with lab assistants Paula Heanly and Clare Wall. The bead is round with ripples from the waves, on one side a set of footprints and on the other side a set of paw prints and comes in a beautiful themed box!

We love the beach and we always took our dogs with us on vacation trips. On the left is Robin on the beautiful beach of our dutch Wadden island Schiermonnikoog. And on the right Zora on the endless beach of North Jutland Denmark. We hope we can take our new puppy Lunah to the beach too this year!

Inspired by our own beach walkes I made this bangle with Starfish, Billabong, Scuba, Waterfall, Memories In Sand, Billabong, Dog&Bone, Waterfall and Alakan King Crab.

And this is Paws Of Love with lab assistants Maria Helena G. Giacomelli and Susy Gamarra. The bead is a carriage with an articulating handle holding rescue animals dog, cat, food, treats and a first aid kit!

This is Buster our rescue cat we got from an animal shelter a year ago! He is now completely at home with us and our new puppy!

Inspired by the colour of Buster’s ginger fur and the feeling that you would want to resue every animal in need I made this bracelet with OHMMyGod, Open Your Heart, Hipster Hops, Paws Of Love, Hipster Hops, Love Hurts 2.0 and OHMMyGod 2.0. on a C bangle.

Combining Memories In Sand and Paws Of Love on this bangle, a tribute to the six cats and three dogs that accompanied me on my life’s journey!

My first cats -Hugging Kitties- brother and sister Boriz (black and white) and Kiki (multi colour) and -Cat In Love- ginger Tarzan.

Our first dog -Dog&Bone- Robin with the two brothers -Purrr- Bo (black and white) and Co (grey).

Our beloved -Labrador Retriever- Zora we lost just last November!

And now we share our home, furniture and life with rescue cat Buster and along for the ride four month old chocolate Labrador puppy Lunah! -Paws Of Love-

This bangle has fast become one of my most treasured bracelets! The glass on here are Slim Lime, Big Stick, Delecate Flower, Speak Sofly, Natural Sight and Slim Dustberry. All except Natural Sight are from this April release. The dangle is Seattle Humane Society Animal Rescue Paw Print. The stoppers are Hive-ish from the new April collection and Tesla Coil-ish, on a C bangle.

Memories In Sand and Paws Of Love both complement each other so well and are a must for every animal lover!

You can buy Memories In Sand here: https://ohmbeads.com/aan033

And Paws Of Love here: https://ohmbeads.com/aap072

When you are a first time buyer at Ohmbeads.com use this code https://lootly.io/ref/loot5e09cc827a6a2 to receive a $ 10.00 discount! 

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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