OHM Himmapan Marshmallow collection

This cute OHMistry project of mythical animals are created by Motmo Studio in collaboration with OHM! All designs are limited editions, only 111 beads per design are made. Each bead comes with a certificate of authenticity and custom box with colourfull artwork!

Himmapan is a mythical forest on top of a rugged mountain high in the sky and is believed to connect heaven and earth. It is the home of guardian angels, humans with supernatural abilities, and weird and bizarre animals.

Artists from the past created art inspired by Himmapan forest, which appeared in both paintings and sculptures in temples. Contemporary artists inspired by Himmapan forest also create art toys for younger generations.

Recently, pictures of Himmapan animal sculptures by local artisans at temples in Thailand were shared on social media. They are sculptures whose shapes are out of proportion, and whose details have been toned down not in accordance with the traditions of the royal technicians in the royal court but relying on dedication and faith. Although they might look like sculptures made by people lacking knowledge of art, their naive simplicities turned out to be adorable. Some pieces look like cartoons that will make people smile whenever they look at them. The popularity went viral with #หิมพานต์มาร์ชเมลโล่ (#himmapanmarshmallow)

First up is Naga Punk! Naga that live underground have superpowers, and are devoted to Dharma. Often seen as a statue on railings due to beliefs about the Naga Ladder, that there were two Nagas supporting the stairs when the Lord Buddha descended from the Tavatimsa heaven, however the Naga of Narawararam Temple in Mukdahan, Naga Punk, has an eye-catching Mohawk that makes people look twice.

And this is Heyra! He has a head and body like a Naga, with feet, whiskers, and spikes like a dragon. The inspiration for HEYRA came from the foot of the stairs at Chaiyaphumkaram Temple, Ubon Ratchathani. This version of Heyra by local artisans is not intricately detailed, but rather simple, straightforward, and cute.

Here is Ta Singha! Inspired by a sculpture at Ko Walukaram Temple in Lampang. Ta Singha has a body of a lion with long legs, a long neck, and a thick mane that makes him look formidable. Singha is a symbol of power and bravery and is believed to ward off evil. It is a gatekeeper standing on either side of the entrance protecting the temples and sacred sites.

Next is Naga Pod! Naga is also a symbol of abundance. Naga Pod (Naga Punk’s BFF) from Wat Pho Si Thung, Udon Thani has beautiful scales perfectly aligned like kernels on a corn cob, with a pyramid-shaped comb that looks like a gnome hat.

Here is Lil Singha! He is small in size, but his duty is larger than you can imagine. People call him the little lion of Wat Mahachai, Maha Sarakham. He watches for any threats coming into the temple. He’s always on alert, having his eyes wide open, and looking fierce to scare away the intruders. However, people think he’s rather adorable.

And last but not least is Mom! He looks like a creature composed of parts from different animals including cats, dogs, geckos, lizards, monkeys, and tigers, making them look rather strange. People always puzzle about what kind of creature they are, but this version of MOM at Wat Chetiyaphum, in Khon Kaen, is chubby and wearing a scarf. People adore him and say that he belongs to the High Gods, and came down to help humans.

The artwork from where these fun beads originated are very colourfull! So I combined the Himmapan Marshmallows with some of the most colourfull glass OHM has created! Desert Island, Orange Sucker, Birthday Cake, Suckers, Confetti Upchuck and Purple Sucker.

They live in a magical forest on top of a moutain high in the sky! I used the glass to reflect Himmapan!

The glass are Stream, Poisoned Apple, Sky Fall, Poisoned Apple and Imagine.

This beautiful and fun collection are meaningful talismans to guide you! Choose the marshmallow that speaks to you or collect them all!

Disclosure: for this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

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